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How can parents guide their kids on homework

Every educational organization provides homework and assignments to the students. Homework is an essential part of the schooling curriculum that benefits students in numerous ways. It not only keeps a scholar engaged in their studies but helps in understanding and entrenching the concepts in the student’s mind.

Many parents like to help their kids with their assignments and homework. But helping the child is not always easy. Changing and evolving educational practices have made many changes in the curriculum. Even parents need  to work and research to keep themselves updated with the latest and prevalent educational trends.

This article focuses on the key elements and aspects of homework and provides a guide to the parents to help their younger ones to manage the homework efficiently.


  • About 50% of the parents have accepted that they face troubles while helping their younger ones with homework. About 5 out of the ten parents surveyed have claimed this.
  • About 43% of the parents actively participate in helping their kids with homework. They take it as their responsibility and guide their kids in solving the various problems and assignments.
  • 47% of fathers are more invested in their child’s homework. Even during the elementary school days, dads are more involved in the teaching process.
  • 21% of the parents have claimed that they are unable to take time out of their busy schedules to help their young ones in completing their homework. Today, both fathers and mothers are working-class people. Therefore, the management of professional and personal life becomes very difficult for them.
  • 39% of the moms are invested in helping their kids in doing their homework. They like to take out from their busy schedule and guide their young ones in the homework completion process.


Being familiar with the type of homework and identifying its purpose can help many parents manage the work for their kids. They can come up with a better plan that can help their young ones in efficient management. Here are a few types of homework and their purpose that many schools of India follow:-


Practice homework is based on the concepts that were taught in the classroom and helped the students to understand them better. This also helps the students to revise the things he/ she learned in the school and even mold their thinking capabilities, subsequently enhancing their skills. Examples of such types of homework include solving math problems, determining the simple chart, etc.


Creative homework is usually a fun and learning activity for the kids that requires them to utilize their creative skills to perform a particular task or solve a specific problem. It also helps the students to develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Creative homework promotes the growth of creativity. Examples of such types of homework include science projects, models, art and craft activities, etc.


Preparation homework, as the name suggests, focuses on building the knowledge base of the students for future lessons. It helps the students to get prepared. Examples of such types of homework include surveys etc.


Extension homework helps the student to extend the skills that they learn in a particular classroom to other situations. Researching local news, comparing historical events, etc. are examples of extension homework.


  • Learn the same thing in different styles and imagine different scenarios related to that particular concept. Try to be in different places.
  • Help your child get organized.
  • Make a proper schedule and assign appropriate time for every subject. Maths require regular practice, hence make sure that your child solves maths problems daily.
  • Educate your child about the importance of homework and how it helps in brain development.
  • Create a zone in the house that is specifically designed for doing homework. Keep this area clean and free from all kinds of distractions that can deteriorate the homework doing the process.
  • Help them to manage their work smartly without being stressed or overindulging.
  • Make sure that you take short breaks in between.
  • Motivate and appreciate your child’s efforts. Reward them for achieving their goals and recognize their potential. This way, the kids will feel a greater urge to do more and improve their self-esteem.

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