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A child under proper guidance and direction can achieve excellent results in life. Schools are not solely responsible for educating a child. Parent’s involvement in their kid’s learning and knowledge gaining process is equally important.

Outside of the school, there are certain activities in which parents can provide their assistance to the kids. One such event is doing homework. Homework helps a child to retain all the concepts that were taught in the classroom. It is a crucial revision activity that can clarify a student’s understanding of the theories and problems that were taught in schools. Usually, kids are a little cranky about doing homework. It is a parent’s responsibility to make the child understand the importance of completing their assignment and submit them punctually. Some benefits of doing homework are as follows:-

  • Homework allows a child to clarify the subject material.
  • Homework improves the concentration of a child and keeps them engaged.
  • Homework teaches children punctuality. A child who submits his homework and assignments earns appreciation from the teacher and sometimes also receives extra credits for the same.
  • Home is a high learning activity.
  • Projects received as homework can enhance a child’s knowledge of certain things.

Here are some tips in which parents can help the students in managing their homework efficiently:-


Homework is an activity that requires concentration and attention. Make sure that your child’s study space is free from all the noises and distractions. When your child is doing his/ her assignment, try to keep the sound of the surrounding open and calm. Do not interrupt or interfere with your child’s study process. Set up a beautiful homework place for your child, which has proper lighting, has all facilities, is free from noises and distractions, and has a calm ambiance. Keep the area clean. If your child is struggling with the homework, offer them the required help. Also, make sure that your child does not stress too much over homework. Make a proper schedule, and if your child is working up late, stop them and tell them to sleep. Adequate sleep is essential for the health of children. Contact the school authorities and relate your concerns regarding the over-burden of homework.


Homework is usually designed as per the child’s potential and capabilities. Motivate your child and provide them help and support. Typically, students are easily able to complete their homework without any assistance from their parents. If your child is struggling with some concepts, then try to help them subtly. Give them hints and guidance to solve the questions, but do not address their assignments. If you do your child’s homework, you defeat its primary purpose. If your child is facing problems continuously, then contact your child’s school authorities.


For elementary school children, homework should not take more than 30-45 minutes. At this age, the main focus is on building the reading comprehension and reasoning skills of the students. For advanced learners in higher grades, the complexity of the homework may increase, as the focus shifts towards understanding and having an in-depth knowledge of the subjects. If your child spends more than the required time doing their homework, then you should contact the school authorities. Having loads of work at a young age can affect the mental health of the child, and they may feel depressed and anxiety-ridden. Age-appropriate lessons and work should be assigned to the students.


Scan your child’s study material once in a while and involve yourself with them in a conversation about their study progress. Ask them about their problems and the areas in which they are facing difficulties. Discuss with them about their strong and weak points and together charter a plan to improve your child’s skills. Evaluate their speed, accuracy, and understanding of the subject matter. In the long, run if these issues are not taken care of, a student might face several problems.


Homework is a vital part of the school curriculum. If the child cannot perceive the significance, then their attention towards it will also be very lack-luster. Parents are one of the essential influences in a child’s life. With proper guidance and advice, the parents can vastly help the students to maintain a study schedule and complete their homework proficiently.

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