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how can parents enhance their kids skills at home

I love my parents a lot, and as a grown-up, I have a great relationship with both of them. They are great people, but I don’t think that they were great at parenting. Don’t take me in the wrong way. Still, I firmly believe that during my teenage days, a part of me always blamed their poor parenting for my shortcomings, for my lack of self-confidence, not believing in myself, poor communication skills, and for everything. I always blamed them for not being the best parents.

But now I have realized that we can do the best from the resources we have. My parents were themselves never taught how to become good parents. The time was different, the circumstances that they had were different. I am not saying that they didn’t love me; they did their best they could do for me with the kind of resources they had.

Well, the older generation has done their part and did a very great job with the kind of living conditions they had, but now it’s our turn to raise the next generation in a better way so that they can become successful human beings.

I think that parents are the best teachers for their child, parents can teach their child the best lessons which can help them for the rest of their life. But first of all, parents should be aware of what we need to teach our children.

Well, there are a lot and lots of skills which a child can learn from home, but it would become a tough task to list all here. Some of the selected skills which I think plays an important role are

  • Showing Love and respect

Developing a sense of gratitude towards the community and all those who serve us is an essential characteristic. Nobody likes to be around a rude and deceived individual who has no respect towards the other person. In the long run, such people face many problems as they are unable to maintain good relationships and build contacts with other people. In the corporate world, such people face difficulties in adjusting. 

One should always learn to be respectful of each other. We live in a society, and every individual here is going through some struggle that we might not be aware of. Just a small gesture of kindness and a compliment can make the other person’s day. Love is an eternal feeling, and no one can live without this feeling. Love and respect can proliferate any relationship. Hence, teach your child you have a sense of gratitude and show love and respect towards everybody. 

  • Self-belief, confidence, and courage

Confidence is something that a person always wants more. Courage to face any situation can help a person to lead a successful life. Self-belief, confidence, and courage are three important traits that determine the success of a person. A self-aware individual is more susceptible to lead a more fulfilling and lucrative life. Such skills can only be built in a person under a positive influence. Parents need to make sure that their child is appreciated and their efforts are recognized. When someone gets appreciation for their work, they build up their confidence. Hence, motivation is the key to building confidence, which ultimately leads to success. Parents are the most significant influence in an individual’s life, and through effective parenting, one can ensure the best character development of the child.

  • Emotional Management / Emotional Intelligence

Cognitive skills are essential throughout a person’s life. Building a good emotional infrastructure can help a person to cope up with several difficult situations. Parents play a major role in building the emotional IQ of their children. In the industry today, emotional IQ is given a lot of importance. Some of the greatest leaders of the world presently are excellent at handling and managing their emotions. 

  • Communication skills

The interaction skills of a person are essential for building contacts and making a stand in society. Excellent communication skills are a vital part of any sector today. People look for individuals who are good at talking to another person. Even in conventional society, extroverts with excellent communication skills are happier and can sail through life smoothly. Lack of communication skills is due to the lack of self-confidence, self-belief, and courage. Hence, interconnection is established here. Communication skills can be effectively built at home with the help of the parents.


A child’s failure in life is not their mistake. It is a mistake in the parenting method. A child is born, and the first person he/she meets is their father or mother. Parents hence are responsible for shaping their child’s future. Make sure that you look after your child and ensure their prosperity in life.

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