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5 Remote Learning Tips For Parents Helping Children At Home

Parents’ jobs have become more challenging after the Covid-19 virus outbreaks as schools and colleges have remained closed by the government due to safety reasons and education has been totally shifted from offline classes to online classes. College students can still manage their education online on their own but school children and their teachers have to depend on parents for child education as there is no direct connection of teachers with students so parents role become more important as they have to act as a mediator between teachers and parents and keep the child education on track. 

Parents play a crucial role in Online education as they are the one who creates the education environment at home so that their children can easily study without getting distracted. Parents also assist children in setting up the online classroom infrastructure like devices and internet connection which is required for online classes. Teachers straightaway gives homework directly to parents and it’s the parent’s duty to help children in completing the homework.

The biggest challenge for every parent is how to help their kids to stay focused, motivated, have a progressive approach, and make the most out of what their teachers offer remotely. So how can parents achieve that? Here are some tips for every parent who is helping their children at home with their education.

Follow these tips to get the most out of remote learning.

1 – Create a schedule, systems and stay organized.

Children are used to schedules and a proper system for their education in schools so parents should create the same atmosphere at home where there is a proper schedule and system and everything is organized as per the routine. This will increase predictability in children as they are aware of the task they have to do daily in order to keep education on track. Keep updating the schedule until you are satisfied with the result. Teachers can control online classes but they can’t control how children show up in the online classroom hungry and tired so it’s the duty of parents to make a proper routine that allows children to have a proper sleep, wake up early, have a proper breakfast and join the classroom feeling fresh and full of energy.

2 – Create a Learning Atmosphere at home 

Parents should focus on creating a learning atmosphere at home. For this, they can pick a study room for the kids where the child can easily study without any disturbance and distraction. Just make sure the room is not isolated otherwise it will be hard for parents to keep an eye on kids’ activities. Moreover, the study room of the child should have all the required material the child needs for the education and completing their assignment and homework. Kids’ rooms should contain a proper device from where they receive their online lesson, internet connection, Login details for the class,  stationery items like books, register, pen, pencil and etc.

3 – Don’t teach instead help them understand the material 

The only advantage parents have which teachers don’t is that parents can pay proper attention to their child’s education whereas teachers teach the whole class at once so it’s difficult for them to give each student proper attention. Parents can help the kids understand the material in a variety of ways that cater to the learning style of the child. First, they can explain it to them by giving them simple explanations of the material to make it more understandable or they can take the help of educational Technology ( videos, Infographic, gamification ) to help them understand the material in a better and more engaging way.

4 – Help Children in Completing work

Teachers use direct communication with the parents when it comes to homework as they assign homework and send notifications to each parent and it’s the parent’s duty to make their kids complete the work on time. Parents can help children arrange the material required for the assignment then help them in completing the assignment well before time as no parents want children to work to stay incomplete.

5 – Take care of yourself

Parents have so many tasks to handle and constantly working for others and don’t have the time for themselves but parents should take care of their own physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs once parents start taking some time off for themselves and focus on themselves they will have more energy, space, and patience to connect with and take care of their children. Just take 10-15 minutes of “me” time from the busy schedule.


It’s been a hard time for parents as they have to manage work,  family, stay safe from the virus effect, and keep children’s education on track so parents duty can become overwhelming so they should take help of the teachers and friends by getting in touch with them regularly and ask for some advice using which they can fulfill and manage each task efficiently.


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