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Tips For Supporting Learning At Home

The process of learning begins from the very first second when a child is born and even before. So basically, home is the first place where the learning starts and the doors of curiosity generate. It is the prime responsibility of every parent to not shut the doors of curiosity, instead of flourishing them with a suitable amount of knowledge and wisdom, which can be reflected in the world through your child as a medium. Knowledge is not just grasped from books and newspapers; it multiplies when visually observed and experienced. Our social surroundings and aura helps in better understanding and developing a multi-dimensional learning aspect. Your learning and upbringing are reflected in every little activity and occupy the major section of your behavior construction. Elders should never restrict the children from being creative or constructive. Indian parenting had always been restrictive and singly versioned as in India parents categorize and compare their children with respective best influences to make them disciplined. But comparing children is one of the biggest mistakes that parents conduct and ruin their children’s childhood. Every child is differently-abled and exquisitely talented at an individual’s level. Through parenting, being constructive is very important and teaching children to be the best version of themselves is the best thing to do.

Tips to support home learning for kids:

– School is a place that is based on more academic learning and is more structured. Therefore learning at home should not be the same as in school and the best boarding schools in Dehradun support home learning for kids.To enhance a child’s creative approach and innovative thinking, parents and other elders need to find different creative learning techniques that are fun and informative. 

– Physical and social performance helps in improving mental performance as well. Home learning should be more playful, like learning colors through home décor, toys, etc. Learning fruits and vegetables with actual fruits and veggies, learning numbers and counting through blocks, learning words from every nearby printed object, and learning values, etc. 

– Building good everyday habits and teaching them their importance helps them learn and understand particular habit values. This carves out everyday behavior and social etiquette.

– Storytelling is the best way to communicate and make children understand the difference between good and bad. Their innocent minds easily connect through stories imaginary characters and become the part of the story that makes them learn what is right what is wrong. To make it more interactive or check the child’s level of understanding, you can ask them what the moral of the story they have depicted is. 

– Speaking skill is something that plays a major role in building the first impression. To make your child practice speaking, you can daily ask them about their school, their classes, teachers, and friends. This will inform you about your child’s everyday activities, his learning and also improve his language and speaking skills. You can even ask them to narrate any of their favorite stories.


Tips to support home learning for adults:

– A lot of learning material is available online for free as well as there are different certified and verified content sources that provide valuable skills and knowledge. One can also earn stipend and certificates in any field of your interest. There are multiple learning sites as well as apps such as YouTube, Unacademy, Byju’s, Google, AWS Amazon, Quora, Pinterest, and a lot more. There are many freelancers who provide learning guides on different online platforms as well.

– Try to perform multiple DIYs during your spare time to grow your creative skills. Not just DIYs, you can try any fun activity that is fun for you such as singing, dancing, painting, sketching, coloring, crafting, origami, reading (poetry, novels, documentary, biographies, magazines, etc.), writing (article, blog, poetry, stories, quotes, etc.), organizing, etc.

– With growing age, children get disconnected from their parents due to academic pressure; also, adolescence tends to distract a lot of imbalances in life inwardly and outwardly. Therefore as parents, one must try to talk to children and try to hear out their life problem, while as children, one must discuss things with elders (especially parents) as this helps in finding a subtle pathway. Everyone learns from everyone as there is no age for learning. The current generation learns from the senior generation’s past experiences, and mistakes and the senior generation learns from the current generation’s situation and hardships; time changes things every second, and every little word of wisdom has its worth.

– Working with parents, helping them with the household chores, teaching them the new technology, etc. If a child adopts such habits into everyday life, then the life functioning can be simplified, and it would mind the gap between the different generations and help in coordination.

The best thing about home learning is that it is not environment bound as one can grow academically strong along with it physically and socially as well. It is a free learning method with open minds that allows you to expand your vision and senses wide. Here you can grow spiritually as well through religious learnings, values, and habits. It causes an overall development of your body, brain, and soul as well. Nature is another best teacher where you observe, absorb and imitate.


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