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Distance learning is a learning method in which students are not required to be physically present in a classroom setting or school. It can be done through the correspondence of the school/ university or online. Read more

How to get the best from the home- learning environment

Tips for students to get the best from the home- learning environment

TIPS FOR STUDENTS TO ENHANCE THE LEARNING FROM HOME EXPERIENCE School is not the only place where a student can learn new things and gain an education. At home, a child can learn a lot Read more


What is distance learning and how can it profit the world.

Definition of Distance Learning Distance learning or distance education is a concept which is rapidly gaining popularity in the field of knowledge and training. It is the method of teaching in which the scholar need Read more

online education

How Online Educations Works and How It Is Changing Indian Education Landscape

Introduction A few years ago, the state of the Indian education system was significantly dingy and apathetic. Several issues had been bothering the education system like lack of practical knowledge, outdated syllabus, insufficient quality teachers, Read more