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Is the internet curbing creativity_

Is the internet curbing creativity?

The world has changed a lot after the introduction of the Internet as earlier people struggle to find information and the only source of information was either books, teachers/mentor or depend on others for information which was quite a time consuming but due to advancement in technology internet was created which has all the required information in the world which one can easily access without depending on others. It saves a lot of time and anyone can use this information to gain knowledge, skills, etc. 

Though the Internet has made life easier for human beings as all the information is just one click away so now they have become over-dependent on the internet for the smallest of tasks in life which have curbed the creativity of humans as they can’t think outside the box, everything is available on the internet so they tend to not make any effort to use creativity and waste their time whereas earlier people don’t have internet so there mind was capable to think outside of box try new ideas without being judged as there was no incorrect way of doing any task so everyone can try their own technique or show creativity.

There are some people who believe the Internet has helped the creativity and growth of mankind. On the other hand, there are people who believe the Internet has curbed the Creativity of humans so let’s see both of their arguments for and against “ internet curbing creativity”.

Arguments For Internet Curbing Creativity

1 – People rely heavily on the Internet for their smallest problems or information which results in people don’t make an effort to use their own brains to solve problems. 

2 – When people face any hurdle in life they don’t focus on problems and how can be solved they will straightway look it up on Google and if they don’t find the information they are looking they become impatient it’s just like students who read the whole book before examination and is confident but as soon as the questions come out of the books they start to panic as they solely depend on books for information without using their own brain. 

3 The Internet can only provide us information and is up to people to use that information and be creatives but people are just satisfied with getting information and don’t want to depend on brains, for example, you have seen a musician, singer or artist keeps on making the same kind of songs as it was popular on the internet which stops musicians to be creative and write songs that don’t depend on current trends. They consume information from the internet and find out what is working and what’s not which curbs their creativity as they solely focus on information.

4 – When it comes to business,  people are not being creative on the internet, they don’t use their brain as a culture of copy-pasting other people’s work is a trend. People don’t want to spend time creating something new as they choose an easy way out as all the information is available free of cost which results in curbing Creativity.

Arguments against Internet curbing Creativity 

1 – Many people believe that the internet has enhanced creativity as it provides them with all the knowledge which they can use in order to be as creative as they can.

2 – The Internet has increased the reach which helped people with talent to showcase their creativity all around the world. That’s why the Internet has become the home for talented people as they get worldwide recognition which inspires others to be creative and showcase their talent online. 

3 – People can find information on the internet that they can consume and create a totally different unique version of it as the information can make one curious and inspire them to be creative and create something unique. 

4 – There are so many apps, websites, videos, gamification, Augmented Reality that help students to learn and understand the information better and enhance their creativity as they are using Technology to develop something creative which enhances their brainpower. 


Internet is a very useful tool if it used properly as it helps us find all the information in the world so we can use this information and collaborate with our brainpower to enhance creativity as the modern world run on the internet so you can’t avoid it but you can use it to your own advantage and become as creative as you can.

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