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You are currently viewing Impact of ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’ on our lives
Impact of ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’ on our lives

Impact of ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’ on our lives

Internet of Things ( IoT ) simply means a wireless network that interconnects devices, machines, or vehicles with the help of sensors, software and etc and these objects are able to collect and transfer data over a wireless network without any human intervention. Technology is getting so advanced day by day as the new software and technology have helped humans to complete complex tasks which could easily take days to get solved by humans but technologies are able to complete the same task in seconds saving time and energy.

Every Sector on this planet has started to use IoT in their day-to-day work as not only helps them collect valuable data but they can collect those data analyses it and make futures decisions based on that. If we talk about home IoT has even reached our homes as now it can control domestic appliances without any human interventions like now AC can automatically change the room temperature, mood sensing music system, smart lighting’s, automated windows and doors and when you go out just by pressing a button cars door get unlocked, you can play wireless music and etc this is all possible with the help of IoT.

No doubt, IoT has made the life of human easy and that’s the reason more and more people have started to adopt IoT in their daily tasks and every sector like education, transportation, finance, agriculture and etc have started to use IoT which saves a lot of money and energy, However, there’s a downside of IoT which can’t be ignored as human are getting over depend on technology which makes the human-less productive and it also makes Artificial Intelligence strong which could post a threat in a long run. So  to get a clear picture of IoT impacts let’s discuss both the positive and negative impact of IoT on our daily life:

The positive impact of IoT:-

1 –   Enhanced Connections – 

IoT has enhanced the level of communication as human to human communication seems impossible at one point of time when there was no telephones or Mobile available and fast forward to today,  we can literally communicate with objects like light, Ac, TV,  Music system, Fridge, and etc with the help of sensors which help object connect with the physical environment.

2 – Cost-Effective 

The reason why IoT is becoming popular day by day is that it’s very cost-effective , it is easily available and the best part it cost absolutely Zero money for maintenance. Anybody can use IoT as IoT’s main objective is to make a complex task easy for humans so you don’t have to be super technical or learn advanced machine learning or artificial intelligence just to use the IoT.

3 –  Helps in Education, Health & Fitness  

IoT has evolved so much that now it can help students with the study as there are many technologies where students ask the device question and devices provide the answer, it also helps children who face difficulties in reading long text so they can simply just turn on text to speech and can select and hear the text this will help them immensely with learning. On the other hand, IoT helps in maintaining health and fitness as various devices like fitness watch which can tell you slightest of detail about your health in seconds and also sets a target for your health. Lots of medical devices now have IoT which saves the time of Doctors as many patients have these devices in a home where they can easily check their oxygen level, blood pressure, sugar level and etc. It has completely changed the lives of physically disabled or even senior citizens as they can control most of the house activities simply with IoT.

Negative Impact of IoT on our lives 

1 – Automation of Jobs 

Technologies are getting smarter day by day and can perform task way better than humans and it’s a possible threat that within next 10-20 years these technologies can easily wipe out millions of jobs as most business and companies are using technologies as its cost-effective and can perform the complex task in less time. Many professionals and worker which are highly in demand now can become worthless in the future as artificial intelligence will replace them.

2 –  Pose security threat 

As humans is surrounded by lots of IoT devices that collect and share data this pose a security threat as humans are unaware that such devices can collect sensitive information and this data can be compromised in near future as hackers finding different-different ways to breach the security as for normal people it’s difficult to stay up to date with the security issue.  There is many incidences where people complained about someone hearing their conversation in their home as a device like Alexa, Siri is always listening.

3 – Over- dependency on IoT 

IoT has made like of people easy as the main objective of IoT is to encourage over-dependency of the people on technology which is resulting in people are getting unproductive as it decreases their power to think critically, being creatives and they become impatient as they want the results in seconds.

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