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Achievement and awards of Ecole Globale : Why it is No.1 Girls boarding school in India


There are massive developments in the education sector in this time and age.There has been numerous achievement  and awards of Ecole globale for providing the best education and holistic development. The Times of India has ranked Ecole Globale as the second-best Girls’ Boarding school in India.

It has an average of 93 per cent, indicating that students receive excellent coaching from their teachers, who have created an environment where students learn to understand concepts rather than memorise them. The girls boarding school in Dehradun follows a teacher-student ratio of 1:10 to facilitate effective learning.

Achievement and awards of Ecole Globale: Why it is the best

Achievement and awards of Ecole Globale

The women raised in Ecole Globale the international schools in dehradun are the perfect blend of courage, skills and strength that the world today demands. Located in the very lap of Mother Nature, Ecole Globale offers instruction through two boards: the Central Board Of Secondary Education (CBSE), which is well-known in India, and Cambridge International Education (CIE) and have have marked numerous achievement and awards of Ecole Globale for its excellence.

The school is the best example of excellence rightly proven by the numerous achievements and awards of Ecole Global has under its wing.  


National Excellence Award

Academic Awards Ceremony held at Ecole Globale School | Garhwal Post

The “Peers and Parents Survey” conducted by Education World Magazine in 2013 selected it as the sixth-best School in India. It bagged the National Excellence Award at the 3rd National Excellence Award ceremony held by Brainfeed in New Delhi, where Dr. Kiran Bedi was the principal guest.

The school shared the honour with top schools such as Pathways School, Billabong High International School, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Oakridge International School, Good Shepherd School, Woodstock School and GD Goenka World School. Prof Niharika Vohra from the IIM, Ahmedabad; Swati Vats, president of Podar Education; Sujay Jairaj, trustee of Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies; J. Vas, a senior adviser with Narsim Monjee Institute of Management Studies; and SR Kandula, CEO of Capgemini discussed the emerging challenges confronting the school leadership today. This is amoung the most prestigeous achievement and awards of Ecole Globale.

Education Today Ranked Ecole under the category “Girls Boarding Schools in India 2020”

  • No. 1 in Dehradun 
  • No. 2 in Uttarakhand 
  • No.2 in India
Sr. no.ParameterPoints
1Academic Reputation92
2Individual Attention To Student87
3Infrastructure Provision89
4Innovative Teaching83
5Safety And Hygiene85
6Sports Education85
7Value For Money81
8Co-Curricular Education83
9Holistic Development86
10Leadership management quality91
11Research and Technology80
12Parental Engagement87
13Community Services80
14Total Points1109

The Academic Excellence Award Ceremony 2018-2019 

Organised at Ecole Globale International Girls’ School on 15 May, the awards and achievements of Ecole Globale are a way to encourage good behaviour and inculcate competitive spirit amongst the students. With this sole purpose, the school organises this award ceremony every year. The six main categories for the Award Ceremony were Subject Topper; Overall Improvement; 100% Attendance; Class Role Model; Class Topper and All Rounder, the prestigious achievement and awards of Ecole Globale.

Times Education Icon Awards

Ecole Globale won the Times Education Icon Awards 2018 for the ‘Best Residential Girls School in India’ felicitated by the Times of India Group at Mumbai. It is amoung the most prestegious achievement and awards of Ecole Globale.

Sardarni Kawaljeet Kaur Memorial Tournament

Ecole Globale International Girls’ School hosted the Inaugural edition of the Sardarni Kawaljeet Kaur Memorial Tournament from 16th August to 19th August. The Tournament aimed to celebrate the spirit of camaraderie and fair play which is fostered through sports. 16 teams from Dehradun and Mussoorie were a part of the maiden edition.

Mr. Riyaz Uddin who is a very accomplished Indian basketball player was the Chief Guest for the Opening Ceremony. A series of matches were played over four days. The skill, stamina and endurance that the players displayed were commendable. 

The Chief Guest for the Closing Ceremony was Maj General Shandy Gupta(Retd). A celebrated army veteran and a keen sports enthusiast he witnessed the final match. The Guest of Honour was Mr Mandeep Grewal Secretary for the Basketball Association of Uttarakhand. It is also the most prestegious achievement and awards of Ecole Globale.


The Doon School, Dehradun hosted its 17th Model United Nations from the 17th to the 19th of August. Students from Ecole Globale participated in the event representing various committees like the International Monetary Fund (IMF), The Indo-Pak Commission, SOCHUM, Lok Sabha and many more. The event saw the participation of many reputed schools across India. It was a thinkfest wherein Ecoliers got to interact and exchange ideas with students from other participating schools.

Swimming Laurels

163 swimmers from 11 schools participated in the Swimming Competition held at Gyananda School. Our Swimming Team participated and performed exceptionally well. We ranked second in the tournament and bagged 31 medals which included 17 Gold, 4 Silver and 10 Bronze, is the achievement and awards of Ecole Globale.

Badminton Tournament

The members of the School Badminton Team participated in the 1st Junior Cup Badminton Tournament organised by the Oasis (The Oberai School Of Integrated Studies) Dehradun. Our ace shuttlers put up a spectacular performance as they played matches with students from Unison, Wynberg Allen, DIS(City), DIS(Riverside), The Oasis, Summer Valley School, etc. The Ecole Globale team returned with an impressive haul of 5 gold and 1 bronze medal are included in achievement and awards of Ecole Globale.

Ecole Globale: The no.1 Girls’ Boarding School in India

Achievement and awards of Ecole Globale

Exposure and Empathy

Student exchange is one of the leading programs Ecole Globale regularly runs to help students develop into global citizens. The Round Square International Service (RSIS), which includes students from some of the world’s prominent institutes, hosts Ecole Globale International Girls School. 

Not only are students frequently sent abroad to engage in this programme, but they also occasionally host a large number of students from various nations. International students who come to the school for a short time broaden the girls’ perspectives by allowing them to experience a different culture, respect their traditions, and, most importantly, better understand the world’s concerns. 


The Distinguished “Finishing School Certification.”  

Ecole Globale is the first one-of-a-kind school in India to provide the “Finishing School Certificate”. The addition of the Finishing Institution curriculum has been an unmatched expansion for the school as a strong representation of women in economic empowerment. From addressing boardroom conversations and making choices to maintaining the efficient operation of the family, the students take on each task with poise.  

Ecole Globale focuses on giving a solid foundation for young females in all aspects of life through the programme. This programme is comprehensive in arming the ladies with a captivating image that dazzles those around them. Their personality evolves into one of the crucial differences that distinguish them. 


Enhancement through Extracurricular Activities 

The most important thing for young women in boarding school is to keep themselves energised. It allows them to unwind after a long day of studying, but it also teaches them to be self-sufficient and responsible.

The school firmly believes that creativity is the most remarkable example of high intelligence. It provides various clubs like Music Club, Dance Club, Art Club and Poetry Club so that the women can score high on emotional intelligence and work on the very substructure of humanity.  

Dehradun Youth Summit, Model United Nations, Spell Bee, and In-house Competitions are some of the school’s literary activities. The school has five large playgrounds and expert coaches to aid in student training to develop their team spirit and potential and bring out the best in them; Some of the disciplines offered include Swimming, Shooting, Athletics and Martial Arts. 

Global Citizens 

With excellent academic rates and an all-rounder personality, Ecole Globale’s alumni pave the way for young Indians. They globalise India’s intellect by pursuing their dreams of attending universities abroad. Their hard work, dedication, and passion for learning have helped them get accepted into some of the most prestigious universities in the world. They are also trained in multiple languages like French and Spanish to navigate any international environment easily. 

Conclusion :

The young women make their mentors proud by achieving significant milestones in their careers as they continue on their paths toward becoming leaders in their fields. 

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