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Why is Ecole Globale better than other Girls Boarding Schools ?

When it comes to selecting a best out of boarding schools, several aspects are needed to be analysed. For a girl, a boarding school that ensures an overall personality development along with excellent facilities, is challenging to find. Ecole Globale International Girls School (EGIGS) located in the foothills of the beautiful Shivalik Range, is one of the top boarding schools for girls in India. Spread in a 40-acre area, it provides the best atmosphere for girls to nourish themselves, preparing them to be well-established individuals

EGIGS was the recipient of the National Excellence Award at the 3rd National School Excellence Award Ceremony by Brainfeed, New Delhi for the pedagogical and innovative practices in School in providing quality education. It was also positioned among the top Schools of India in a survey conducted by the India Today Group.
The School is affiliated to CBSE and CIE ( Cambridge International Education) and have a well-reputed presence in the international platform as well.

EGIGS has accomplished itself to be one of the best and excellent schools when it comes to education, through its excellent results and performances. Along with academics, this particular School also has made a stand in the market with exceptional performances by its students in the various extracurricular ventures.

EGIGS employs the very best and experienced facilities who guide the students with a lot of dedication. A very optimum student-teacher ratio of 10:1 is maintained so that every student receives maximum attention.The amenities provided are world-class. Our swimming pool is as per the Olympics requirements so that the girls can learn in a professional environment. Other facilities include- well maintained residential hostels, good- quality food, classes up-to-date with the latest technologies and well-maintained grounds.All these aspects undeniably prove that EGIGS is among the very best boarding school for girls in India. It has shown it’s relevancy time and again, and have also created a league of its own.

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