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  • Post published:Feb 1, 2020
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How To Study For Exams ?

For some students, exams are a nightmare because it’s time to revise the whole course in a few days. Some students forgot everything that they learn for exams because they feel very nervous and they are not able to remember anything. The fear of exams is very common in students; the main reason for the fear is the expectations and pressure of their parents and teachers. If students feel stress and fear of exam time, then they will not be able to perform well. There are some tips for how to study for exams, and to overcome the fear and stress of exams.

1. Set Proper study time table

Make the proper study time table according to your exams. Some students try to learn everything at the last minute on exam day, but its not the good way to prepare for examinations. Set a proper schedule of how many exams you have, how many days left for the examination, and how many pages you have to learn in one day. Utilize your every day before exams. Don’t waste your time, and don’t leave anything for the last moment.

2. Organized Study space

study space

Make sure that you have organized and enough space for your study so that you can spread your study material like notebooks and books. Stay away from the things that distract your mind, remove those things from your study space. To keep the focus on your studies, make sure that your study space is comfortable. Every student has their way to study, like some need silence and some students listening to music. For full concentration, make sure that your study space pleasant and no one disturbing you during your studies.

3. Use flow charts and Diagrams

The flow charts and diagrams help you to revise the study material. By using flow charts and diagrams, you are able to remember things that you have studied for your exams, so transform you whole study material into diagrams and flow charts.

4. Take little breaks during the study

little breaks during the study


For better preparation of exams, take a 10 to 15 minutes break from your study time to refresh your mind. It is not the best way to study for long hours. Studying 12 hours to 14 hours continuously becomes dangerous not only for your study but also for your health. So always take some little breaks to memorize that you learnt for your exams.

5. Practice old question papers

For scoring good marks on your exams, practice the previous year question papers because it is a very effective way to prepare for exams. The previous year papers will help you to know the format of questions. By solving the previous year’s papers, you will get to know that how much time you will take to solve the question paper and how much you have studied.

6. Take a healthy meal

healthy meal

Take healthy food because unhealthy food is not good during the studies. A healthy meal is good for your health as well as your mind; it will help your mind to focus on studies. Healthy food has many nutritions that help your mind to concentrate and memorize things that you have learnt. So eat healthy food during studies and on the exam days.

7. Explain your answers to others

Before exams explain what you have studied to your friends or family. Doing this will clear in your minds that what and how much you have studied for your exams. By explaining your answers to others, you will also remember the things properly that you have learnt.

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