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  • Post published:Sep 27, 2021
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Tips to tackle exams successfully

Every student wants to ace his exams successfully. It’s a dream of the majority of the students to get good marks and to get a high rank in the class. But every student is not able to get success in this dream despite working hard.

Well, only working hard will not help you to achieve exam success; you need to work smart. You need to plan certain things and follow them accordingly, and then you’ll be able to ace any examination of your life.

Many students fall into the trap of studying hard and spend the rest of the days before exams stressing about not completing the course or not being able to recall things etc. and thus are not able to perform well in the final examinations.

So here are some of the tips and guidelines which should be followed by you if you want to get success in your exam.


As per experts, you should only study for 20 minutes and then take a short break of 5 to 10 minutes. Studying for long hours at a stretch will make you feel exhausted, and you’ll not be able to grasp things effectively and efficiently. Taking small breaks in between your study schedule will help you to refresh your mind, and you’ll be able to concentrate on your studies in a much better way.

But make sure when you take a break, you decide at what time you’ll be back to your study table and do not lose track of your time while refreshing your mind.


Sleep is very vital for the proper functioning of our mental and physical health. You won’t be able to concentrate or complete your daily tasks in an effective manner if you do not get a night of proper sleep.

8-10 hours of sleep is essential for peak performance during our exams. Make sure you are getting enough sleep. Make an appropriate schedule of your sleep cycle, i.e., at what time you’ll go to bed and at what time you’ll wake up and stick to that schedule even during weekends. 


Well, the human brain is a fascinating and vital organ of our body. There are many astonishing facts about the human mind which you won’t believe. So I’ll tell you one intriguing point about the human brain: we forget nearly 66% of material within seven days if we don’t revisit the content.

And as we grow, we tend to forget things more easily.

So you must play the revision game quite well to ace any examination. Keep going through the already studied topics to remember it for a longer duration. Make clear and organized notes and mark important questions. You can use different fonts and color pens while making notes. Make small notes and stick it around your room so that you can revise any topic anytime quickly. 


Exercise is an essential ritual that should be followed daily for excellent physical and mental performance. We should regularly practice this habit in our daily lives to improve our physical and mental health day by day.

Exercise helps to stimulate the brain, which improves academic performance.

You can do any exercise like meditation or go for a walk. You need not spend a lot of time on it. Even doing yoga or any activity for a shorter duration will do wonders for you.


It would be an excellent option to set up a test and give it within the stipulated time as per the actual examination. You can collect past year papers and practice on it. This practice would boost your confidence, and you’ll be able to analyze your performance in the test. Moreover, this could help you in making a note of the topics which you are weak at and have to revisit, and thus you can cover the weak topics again, thus improving performance in the exam. 

Make it a frequent habit so that you’ll be able to improve your performance and will be able to ace the final exams with flying colors.

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