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How to select the best boarding school for your daughter

Preparing your child to send her to the perfect boarding school is a herculean task in itself. Mixed emotions play an important role in sending a child far from her familiar surroundings. It can be an incredible educational boost for them, but at the same time, it is the most stressful experience for parents. But, being a parent, one must ensure involving kids too, while deciding major things in life, especially when it is about transferring her into a boarding school.

When it comes to select the perfect boarding school in Dehradun, it is essential to ensure which one would actually suit your ward for the holistic development of his personality. There are few practical ways with which parents can choose the perfect boarding school for their daughter:

Here’s a practical guide to choosing the best boarding school in India:

1- Conduct foolproof research on the boarding school you are interested in. Every single piece of news, feedback, information collected via blogs, prospectus, reviews, etc. should be counted in. Reading these thoroughly will actually give you a clear vision and insights about the school, comprehensively.

2- Your child is intended to spend a significant part of her life in boarding school; hence it is important for you as a parent to make sure that she stays in a familiar environment. It is important to be aware of the boarding community and the available student assistance network in the boarding premises.

3- Take an entire tour of the boarding schools in Dehradun, you think is perfect for your daughter. Conduct a mini-survey of the entire school, watch for different facilities, interact with faculty members and warden. Observe their behaviour towards the students and of course, the cultural diversity.

4- Affording a lump sum can be a tedious job, but proper planning will definitely be a good aid. Proper research needs to be conducted by the parents to ensure that the fees are affordable enough, and there are no hidden costs at all. If there are additional charges for vocational classes or so, it should be well addressed on the website of the school or prospectus. Any verbal communication regarding the norms of the school should not be entertained. Rather, a written document, signed by the concerned authority, should be given prime importance.

5- A healthy relationship between staff members and students must be there. Not only that, but other students should have a good equation with your daughter. If not good, at least being cordial is expected. “Warmth” and “Camaraderie” are a few attributes that are needed in the relationship of your daughter and other students who are an integral part of the boarding school.

6- Boarding schools encourage leadership roles and personal responsibility among boarders. Co-curricular activities are also given prime importance to ensure an overall enhancement in personality. Through such an environment, students learn time management, managing their own space and many things.

7- Comprehensive pastoral care must be ensured before sending your daughter to a boarding school. Ensure that they are not only given academic support but also assisted emotionally and psychologically at every stage, whenever it is required.

Families, who want to send their daughters to boarding schools in Dehradun or any other parts of India, should check these points before making a constructive decision.

8 tips for selecting the best boarding school for your daughter

tips to select best girls boarding school

Parents have a lot of responsibility towards their children. When they decide to offer their kids, a brighter future by admitting them into boarding school, that guides them to be a better human being, another responsibility arrives on their shoulder, i.e. which one actually fits well. The concept of boarding school became popular from the UK culture, where there are over five hundred boarding schools. Choosing the perfect boarding school in India has always been hectic, but here are eight tips for finding the best one for your daughter:

1- Boarding schools have certain norms, in which they do not permit admitting students of all the grades. The norms of our country permit students of sixth grade, eighth grade and eleventh grade only.

2- Maximum population in boarding school ranges from the period of 6th grade or 9th grade. By that time, they become used to the curriculum, which they have been exercising over the years. Boarding schools exercise a totally different curriculum, which a student may not be able to grasp, as soon as they commence their journey as a boarding student. It must be ensured that the subjects which were taught, topics that were covered, must be equivalent in the chosen school, too. There were certain cases in which suppose a student desires to take up, Mass Media communication as her subject, and it is not being taught in the desired school. Hence, it is very important to know a school before rushing your child into it.

3- Sending your daughter to a faraway place is nerve-wracking and painful. Many parents send their children to those boarding schools that tend to be near to that of their close relatives or friends, that gives them a sense of security.

4- Boarding school is quite a money bank, in itself. If you desire for the quality ones, they charge you fourteen thousand dollars, just as in Doon school. But still, if you are comparing the same with abroad schools, this is a much, much better price, keeping in mind the heritage, culture and quality education that exists in the schools of Dehradun. It is always advisable to check your logistics before sending your daughter to boarding school.

5- There are parents who believe in healthy competition. For them, admitting their daughters to well-ranked universities is more than a responsibility. Dehradun is the hub of education, and most of the people prefer admitting their children in the schools of Dehradun, as it not only provides quality education, but it also ensures holistic development of a personality.

6- Strict discipline ensures children to be well-off in all the spheres of life. Being the child’s second home, a boarding school must ensure proper discipline for students because it is the reason of what they will become in future. Each and every day is planned according to a strict schedule.  Dorm parents are allocated as well, to take of their dietary needs, health and wellness. A better understanding of the norms will ensure a seamless experience for the child.

7- The school must ensure the quality background of the faculty members because they are the one who would guide the students and influence them in a positive way for a better future ahead.

8- There are students who have praiseworthy talents. Talents other than regular academic ones must be lauded equally, be it playing cricket, drawing or elocution. There must be specialized subject experts for each and every co-curricular activities.

In addition to all the steps stated above, parents should choose to personally visit the school and take a complete tour and assess all the above criteria.

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