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Building Resilience: How We Teach Girls to Face Challenges

In today’s rapidly changing world, resilience has become a crucial skill for individuals to navigate the challenges that life throws their way. Ecole Globale, a leading girls’ boarding school in Dehradun, India, recognizes the importance of building resilience at Ecole Globale.

Through a holistic approach to education and building resilience at Ecole Globale to face challenges with confidence, adaptability, and a growth mindset in girls boarding schools in Dehradun


Ecole Globale teaches girls resilience to face challenges

With a vision To empower girls to discover their intellectual, creative, and physical potential to embrace the 21st century and a mission to create an environment that is conducive to learning to develop skills and honing the innate talents of our students, by making innovative use of technological tools to support independent, learning inside the classroom and beyond the bounds of the four walls and building resilience at Ecole Globale.

The challenges of the 21st century are unique, and to keep abreast with a multitude of such situations, we at Ecole Globale have ensured to nurture the girls to conduct themselves with confidence, grace, and equanimity. The courseware is tailored to suit the needs of every child and their personality so that inclusion can be practiced in the most equitable manner in Boarding schools in Dehradun.

We aim at excellence, and the bandwidth of that goes beyond academics and extends to achieving holistic growth on the sports fields, in debate halls, educational conferences, community service, performing arts, appreciating the culture, and most importantly, at becoming individuals with a good conscience and a high emotional quotient (EQ).

This is the age of EQ coupled with IQ, as artificial intelligence can also be programmed into a machine, but realistically, people skills and empathy are still the monopolistic territory of humans thereby building resilience at Ecole Globale.

The Importance of Building Resilience at Ecole Globale 

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity, setbacks, and challenges. It is a skill that not only helps individuals cope with difficult situations but also enables them to thrive and grow in the face of adversity. Ecole Globale understands that teaching girls to be resilient is essential for their personal development and future success thereby building resilience at Ecole Globale.

A Supportive Learning Environment

building resilience at Ecole Globale

One of the cornerstones of Ecole Globale’s approach to building resilience at Ecole Globale is creating a supportive and nurturing learning environment. Girls are encouraged to express themselves, ask questions, and seek help when needed. The school’s teachers and staff are dedicated to providing emotional support and guidance, ensuring that every student feels valued and heard.

To support the students round the clock, in their physical well-being, the School Infirmary conducts periodic dental, skin and hygiene checks. The home-work hour is specially organized in the academic block in the evenings, to clarify queries that the students may have. The faculty ensures that they can make the most of this time by giving personal attention to each child and building resilience at Ecole Globale.

Encouraging Independence and Responsibility


Encouraging Independence and Responsibility

Ecole Globale places a strong emphasis on fostering independence and responsibility in its students. Girls are encouraged to take ownership of their learning and daily routines. This includes managing their time, setting goals, and making decisions about their education and extracurricular activities.

By empowering girls to take control of their lives, the school helps them develop a sense of agency and self-reliance, key components of resilience.

The elements of their life at Ecole include academic enrichment, sporting prowess, health and wellness, international exposure and abilities to understand different cultures. All these learnings are intertwined with the values that students inculcate through various processes thereby building resilience at Ecole Globale.

Promoting a Growth Mindset

Promoting a Growth Mindset

Ecole Globale promotes a growth mindset among its students. Girls are taught that their abilities and intelligence are not fixed but can be developed through effort and perseverance. This mindset shift encourages them to embrace challenges as opportunities for growth rather than as insurmountable obstacles.

By understanding that failure is a part of the learning process, girls at Ecole Globale are better equipped to face challenges with resilience and determination thereby building resilience at Ecole Globale.

Cultivating Emotional Intelligence

Cultivating Emotional Intelligence

Resilience also requires emotional intelligence—the ability to understand and manage one’s own emotions and the emotions of others. Ecole Globale incorporates emotional intelligence training into its curriculum, helping girls develop self-awareness, empathy, and effective communication skills.

These skills enable them to navigate interpersonal challenges, build strong relationships, and cope with emotional ups and downs.

In recent times, Ecoliers have taken significant initiatives in performing upliftment activities in their vicinity and beyond. They carry out awareness drives on menstrual hygiene, sanitation, women empowerment, and environmental plastic ban; and conduct regular visits to orphanages and underprivileged care centers.

The school makes it a point to inculcate empathy and the spirit of social service through these drives as it is more important to take part in certain activities rather than only reading about them. We believe that it is through experiencing the joy of giving, that an individual learns how to do their part for the community.

As a student at Ecole Globale, the residential school experience teaches a lot to the girls. They not only learn how to respect their teachers but also develop a sense of gratitude towards those who support their life at Ecole in some way or the other.

The support staff, domestic staff, housekeeping, and other elements of the campus contribute in their unique ways towards the betterment of the life of our girls at Ecole. This has a value-based impact on the students and they learn the values of gratitude, patience, perseverance, and hard work thereby building resilience at Ecole Globale.

Experiential Learning and Outdoor Activities

Experiential Learning and Outdoor Activities

Ecole Globale believes in the power of experiential learning and outdoor activities to build resilience. Through activities such as trekking, camping, and team sports, girls learn to adapt to changing situations, overcome physical challenges, and work collaboratively.

These experiences instill a sense of adventure and a willingness to step out of one’s comfort zone, essential qualities for resilient individuals.

Learning different expressions of arts has always added value to individuals, who strive to go the extra mile at grasping new skills. The School provides ample opportunities to let the girls showcase their creativity and stimulate their reasoning abilities.

To let the creative juices flow, an equal emphasis has always been given to performing arts, wherein the girls own the stage and the canvas in their stride. The aim has always been to empower the girls to embrace hindrances with new-found wisdom, freedom, agility, and strength. Ecole Globale offers a variety of Clubs for Music, Dance, Pottery, Cookery and Poetry. 

The overall personality development of the student, with the best preparatory guidance for college and other future ventures, is expected from an exceptional prep school. An excellent infrastructure, impeccable curriculum, world-class facilities, and a fantastic atmosphere make a Boarding School stand out from the rest.

Ecole Globale International Boarding School for Girls, Dehradun satisfies all these parameters. Sports education plays a vital role in the holistic development of students. The best sports schools in India know that although academic education is crucial, students can also benefit from sports education in terms of character, social skills, mental health, and physical fitness.

For an enriching experience of its own sort, Ecole Globale is happy to organize field trips, educational trips or excursions and facilitate participation in external events like competitions with other international schools of repute in India.

To give students a flavor of how experts from different fields conduct their lives and accomplish milestones, Ecole Globale provides its girls, the opportunity of interacting with experts through guest lectures that are conducted on campus. This is a unique chance since girls tend to find their role models through such interactions and learn from the experiences of others and hence building resilience at Ecole Globale.


Ecole Globale, a top girls’ boarding school in Dehradun, India, understands the importance of building resilience at Ecole Globale. By creating a supportive learning environment, encouraging independence, promoting a growth mindset, cultivating emotional intelligence, and providing opportunities for experiential learning, the school equips girls with the skills and mindset needed to face life’s challenges with confidence and determination. In doing so, Ecole Globale is preparing its students not only for academic success but also for a fulfilling and resilient future.

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