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Technology Changing the face of Education

Technology Changing the face of Education

Technology is here to stay and human dependency will only increase with time as Technology in the education sector has eased the education system making it more accessible, highly engaged, and convenient but some issues still exist which questions the use of technology in education.

We live in a technologically driven world where everything is done with the help of technology, not only does technology make work easier but it is very convenient and can save a lot of time and energy. Technology has transformed many sectors and the education sector is no exception to this. 

Earlier, education revolved around books so teachers and students have to solely depend on books for their learning as there were no other sources of information available, but now things have completely changed as technology updated the methodology/techniques of teaching and now there are so many sources and tools available which teachers could use in order to make learning more engaging. Numerous schools in Dehradun are now investing in the best technologies to keep track of their students at home and promote a more collaborative environment. 

Five ways how technology modified education 

1 –   Digital Classrooms 

Technology has replaced the chalkboard classroom with a modern Digital classroom. Nowadays Educational Institutions are using digital classrooms to educate the children as it not only helps children to learn and understand the material In a better way, but it also helps teachers to use different multimedia tools like videos, infographic, audio, images, etc to make the classroom come alive by making it more engaging.

2 – Distance Education 

Earlier distance education was mostly overlooked by educational institutions but during pandemic distance education turned out to be a blessing for educational institutions as it was the only medium to interconnect teachers and students to continue their education process with the help of the Internet and digital devices. Online classes have recently become popular and really has bridges the gap between Digital Education and regular class.

3 – Augment Reality in Classroom 

Augmented Reality in the classroom not only make the lesson come alive in a 3d format but it also very pocket-friendly as  Earlier Teachers have to buy tools in order to showcase experiment to the children so they can understand in a better way but now with the help of technology, Teachers can easily perform expensive time taking experiments quickly with the help of  AR or special software that will make the students understand in a more advanced way. 

4 –  Numerous- Sources of Learning 

Technology has provided students with multiple sources of learning and they don’t have to entirely depend on books to gain knowledge and children can easily get required information just by a single click on the internet and they will receive multiple options like blogs, videos, online courses, free pdf, articles, etc.  With the help of technology, students are surrounded with unlimited information free of cost. 

5 – Dynamic Assessment 

Tracking the progress of students was a difficult and time-consuming task as all the work has to be done manually without any technical help so in order to make the process Fastrack Teachers uses various classroom management apps and other tracking tools to assess students performance and the progress will be seen in a  real-time dashboard and teachers can change their approach according to the results of the assessments. 

The positive effect of Technology on Education 

  • Technology has made the learning experience super engaging as multimedia options like videos, animation help children connect with the information in a better way so most boarding schools use this technology.


  • Technology has given the power of knowledge in the learner’s hand as all the information they require is available online free of cost.


  • Technology has help teachers and students to get connected online and continue education via online classrooms and various tools have been made to bring all feature of regular classrooms to online classrooms


  • It motivates individual learning as every student’s way of learning is different and technology provides multiple options for learning which suit everybody. Students can study at their own pace as they can easily clarify their doubts without bothering the teachers. 


  • Technology is being used in the real world so using technology in education can really help students learn lots about technical knowledge and they will be better prepared for the digital future.

Negative Effect of using Technology in Education 

  • Children can easily get distracted in online education as there are multiple entertainment available online like games, social media, YouTube and etc that can easily eat students’ time without providing any value.


  • Online Education increases screen time which can have a bad effect on children’s eyesight as they have to stare at the screen constantly which could result in poor sight or even headaches. 


  • The Internet is filled with wrong information as there is lots of website content that isn’t even verified so the children can easily get misguided and grasp wrong information which could harm their educational development.


  • Technology in education has increased the risk of Privacy and security as all the key data of children is collected and stored online which can be misused by hackers or cheaters.


  • Technology is very addicting and when Children get surrounded by the technology they get addicted which affects their mental health as children are unable to get quantity and quality of sleep. Which not only affect their health but also their performance.



There is no doubt that technology has transformed the education system and literally, everything from teaching to learning revolves around it. 


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