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How Is A Technologically Furnished Boarding School Better?

Technology has become an essential part of the education sector. Be it in schools, colleges or other institutions. It has conquered all the significant areas. A boarding school with technology is considered infinite times better than a regular school following traditional teaching practices. This is because, in the modern age, technology and advancement go hand in hand. No sector is immune from the influence of technology. We have become so dependent on technology that we cannot imagine the work process today in the absence of technology. 

Let us ponder more over the use of technology in a boarding school. Schools use many gadgets, computers and other electronic devices to enhance the educational experience of the students. These gadgets and technologies also help schools in management, security, etc. Technology has made our lives much more comfortable and has also given rise to numerous prospects. 

So how exactly does a boarding school with technology work? What type of technologies are used in a boarding school? Let us discuss in details in the following paragraphs.


Boarding School In Dehradun With Technology

Try to visualize a boarding school today without computers, geysers, washing machines, etc. The amount of work and expenses that will increase in the absence of these fundamental technologies is incoherent. Ultimately, one can conclude that in the present times, setting up a boarding school without technology is impossible. Such an institution will cease to exist within some time.

Majority of residential schools have a plethora of technologies to manage tasks. This is to simplify the management task of so many students and look after their needs. Technology is also employed to enhance the educational experience and make students more skilled. Here is a list of standard technologies used in schools:-


  • Smart Classes

Electronic board and smart classes help in the proliferation of the interactive learning experience of the students. Lectures become more engaging, exciting and understandable. Teachers with the help of visuals and videos are better able to help the students in understanding various concepts. Students don’t feel bored and can concentrate better in the classroom.


  • Computers

Computers have become an integral part of every organization. One needs to be proficient with various computer software to become successful today. Schools use computers for both teaching and learning purposes. It is also used in the school administrative offices to manage fees and other expenses, results, student’s performance, etc. In laboratories, these computers help in the generation of products and learning software programs. Students also use computers to surf the internet and conduct research work for their assignments and projects. Social media is used to create awareness and design posters and banners. 


  • Visual Presenters And Projectors

For large conference rooms, where many students have gathered, these visual presenters and projectors are very useful. Microphone, speakers, lights and other technical aspects are also used in schools.


  • Security System

Security in schools is an important issue. CCTV cameras are installed in all the areas of a school campus to keep an eye on the students and ensure safety. These cameras help in capturing all the activities and sounding an alarm in case of emergencies. Alarms, recorders and speakers are also installed to make important announcements. Nowadays, schools use electronic bells. 


Other Technologies Used In Boarding Schools

Above, we discussed some common technologies used in every school to help the students. But certain things are specific to a boarding school. They are mentioned as below:

  • Heating system for the student’s dormitories and hostel.
  • System to produce hot water for the students.
  • Large machines to make freshly prepared meals for the students. Machines for cleaning the dishes are also used. 
  • Televisions and in the common rooms and audio-video rooms are used to entertain the students and keep them updated with the latest occurring around the world.
  • For recording the attendance of the students, a biometric fingerprint scanner can be used. This will reduce any chances of discrepancy and inaccuracy. 


Importance Of Technology In Boarding Schools

Overall, it boils down to the matter of importance. Technology is extremely important in a boarding school. It is not just a fad. There are so many activities in a boarding school that cannot be conducted without the interference of technology. Today, online media and internet have conquered the world. Even the admission inquiries, registration, fee-payment, etc., is done through online resources. So how can one sustain without technology?

Schools should concentrate on adding more technological aspects into their curriculum. Latest trends should be monitored, and teachers should be trained on using them. The more advanced a school is, the better the students will adjust in the real world. They will become more skilled and also secure better career prospects for themselves. 

Therefore, technology is an integral part of the boarding schools. The top boarding schools in India promote and suggest the use of technology to create an impeccable learning experience for the students.

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