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Boarding Schools Vs College: How Does A College And Boarding School Differ

School and college life is very different. The ambience, schedule, activities, studies, etc., everything changes when an individual comes into a college. It is believed that a college has a more professional environment where the students are held more responsible for their actions and the following consequences. 

Often, students tend to choose a college that is far away from their residential home. Because of this, they are required to live in hostels and rental accommodations. This sudden change of environment accompanied by more responsibilities in hand can be overwhelming for some students. They may struggle in maintaining a balance and face many difficulties because of this.

Therefore, it is believed that a boarding school better prepares a student to endure college and professional life. 

Before going into the comparisons, let us first understand the primary aspects of a boarding school and college.


Boarding School

A boarding school is an educational institute that provides elementary, primary and secondary level education to the students along with housing facilities. Such schools offer for the accommodation of the students and cater to their everyday needs.

Boarding schools are different from a regular school in many ways. They are even better than day-boarding schools in various parameters. Here are some advantages and features of a boarding school:-

  • Boarding schools help students to become more responsible and self-reliant. Since parents are not present to help and assist the students, they are required to look after their needs themselves. 
  • Boarding schools make students more disciplined. Since a strict schedule is followed in a boarding school, students learn better time management and follow a plan accordingly. They need to manage their study-time, free-time, eating time, etc.
  • Boarding schools improve the communication and interaction skills of the students. As students from many different families and backgrounds live under a common roof, they need to interact with each other. Students in such a diversified environment develop better communication skills. They learn to accept the differences and do not feel awkward in social situations. In the absence of a family, students make bonds with other students.
  • Boarding schools also teach many essential skills to the students and makes them emotionally healthy. Students are not under the protective umbrella of their parents and need to face all the problems themselves. Because of this, they built their cognitive and critical thinking abilities. Specific activities in boarding schools also help the students to create other qualities like leadership, team-work, corporation, etc. Overall, the holistic development of the students takes place in a boarding school.
  • In a day school, the student’s schedule ends as the day gets over, but in a residential school, several after school activities are conducted. These extra-curricular activities broaden the skills-set of the students. 



A college is a place where individuals train to advance towards a better career and successful life. The life of a student in college is somewhat similar to the boarding school, but with fewer restrictions and more independence. Here are some features of a college:-

  • Professional lessons are given to the students in their chosen field. 
  • The schedule is not as restrictive as that of schools. Students are free to manage their time as per their convenience outside of the college hours.
  • No such extra-curricular activities are included, and the students don’t need to participate in them.
  • Hostels are given to the students with a specific entry and leaving time. 
  • No exceptional staff is present to guide the students or look after their basic needs.

Overall, boarding schools and colleges do share some everyday things, but when viewed in a broader spectrum, they are significantly different. A college is a place where a student is considered to be an adult and capable of managing their life themselves. They are not given a strict schedule and instructions and are a lot more independent to live life on their terms.


How Boarding Schools helps In College Preparation?

One thing that is similar between a boarding school and a college is that students live away from their parents on their own. In this aspect, a boarding school helps a great deal. Since the students have already learned discipline, self-reliance and responsibility in a residential school, they do not face a problem in a college.

Additionally, communication skills and critical thinking skills come in very handy in the professional environment of the college. Students are better able to manage these things through the help and learnings of the residential schools. College life for boarding school students is easier to adjust.

Therefore, I would conclude that a boarding school education and college life are perfectly compatible with one another. There are differences, but both together ensures a complete educational and personality development experience for an individual. Hence, once should enrol into a boarding school once in their life to provide a better and flourishing future full of success and prospects.

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