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Things That Differentiate A Boarding School From A Day School

With the changing times, the concept of education has also changed, and this has resulted in the emergence of new types of schools. Boarding schools and day schools are one of the types of schools that concentrate on the primary and secondary education of students. The classes run in the schools, and the education provided may differ from one school to another, but the motive is the same to impart knowledge and wisdom into kids.


What is a Day School?

A day school is a place where the school is scheduled to be attended by the students at day time, and after the school gets over, students return to their home. There is a proper schedule which needs to be followed by the students. The day school has full-day programmes which include academic programmes, extracurricular activities and sports. As the time in a day school is restricted to day time only therefore significantly less time is given to activities apart from academics. Some schools allow students to play on their school premises in the evening, but it is not mandatory, and those who are interested can come and play.


Boarding School

A boarding school is a place where students have to live on the campus, hostel and mess facilities are provided by the school authorities. 

Most of the boarding schools mandate students to live in the campus till the whole term and allow them to go back to their home only during vacations while some boarding schools may allow students to go back to their home during weekends.

Boarding schools may be of three types

  • Girls boarding school
  • Boys boarding school
  • Co-educational boarding school

A single-gender boarding school is only for a specific gender; the other gender can not get admission into that school.

A co-ed boarding school is where boys and girls study in the same classrooms. The hostels of girls and boys are separate, and every hostel has a warden and other workers to take care of the needs and safety of the students.

Boarding schools do not allow students to go out of the campus unnecessarily; thus, they try to provide each and every facility required by the students in the school campus itself. From academic needs that are provided by the everyday school, the boarding schools focus more on the extracurricular needs too. Facilities like swimming pool, gym, horse riding and other sports are provided by the boarding schools.


Things That Differentiate A Boarding School From A Day School

Things that differentiate Day School And Boarding School

Every coin has two sides, but as per my opinion, boarding schools have the edge over day schools. There are some downsides to boarding schools too, and here we are going to discuss everything.

  • Social Skills

Meeting new people, sharing the same space, trying to adjust with them to develop more social skills in students. They are taught the etiquette of high living, and this helps them in developing good manners. They are taught everything from organising their personal space to how to behave in front of people. This develops a sense of discipline and obedience in the child, and they get to know how to behave in a society.

The day schools may also try to focus on these things, but as compared to boarding schools, they may lack behind in this task.

  • Stronger Friendship

Sharing the same roof with friends results in a much stronger bond for a lifetime. Here I am not arguing that a day school might not result in stronger friendship, but you spend more time with your friends in a boarding school than a day school. From waking up in the morning to sleeping at night; thus, it is bound to result in a much stronger bond.

  • Confident And Responsible

Living in a boarding school develops a sense of responsibility and confidence in children. They know how to deal with their own problems; they know how to do their personal task. This can be learning for a lifetime.

  • More Facilities

Students have to spend most of the time in the school and are not allowed to go outside the school premises, so the boarding school provides much more facilities to the students as compared to a day school.

  • All Rounded Development

The boarding school focuses on the all-rounded development of kids. They encourage students to take part in extracurricular and sports activities. This helps them to maintain physical fitness. 

  • Constant Guidance

The students in boarding schools are available to constant guidance in whatever activity they are involved in. From teachers who are happy to help them 24/7, they have trainers for every activity like gym, sports etc.

  • Homesickness

Living away from home can be hard. And thus, students in a boarding school may feel homesick at times. This is not the case with day schools where students return to their home after the day gets over.

  • Costly

Everything comes with a cost, and nothing is free in this world. As the boarding schools provide full boarding facilities and all the other facilities needed by the students, the fees of boarding school are also high as compared to a day school. And this is something which can’t be ignored.

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