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Difference between Day School and Boarding School

Difference between Day School and Boarding School


There are a lot of options for children to get admitted either in Day or Boarding School.

But the debate is about which one of these is a better option. Boarding schools have their own set of advantages as opposed to other day schools.

Today’s boarding school students get success in their life at higher rates as compared to private day and public school students. Most parents choose a boarding school for their kids for their excellent academic performance.

There are a few reasons which make the parents send their kids to boarding schools. Some of them are:


The foremost function performed by boarding schools is of providing in their children a sense of punctuality as well as discipline.

Generally, what happens? Mostly naughty & disobedient kids are sent to boarding schools to change their attitude and instill in them a sense of discipline.

Boarding Schools work on well-planned time tables. Students are required to be punctual.


There is limited no. of students in, every class as opposed to day schools. This enables the teachers to fully concentrate on each pupil. Here, weak students who lag behind are given appropriate guidance. Moreover, they can interact & approach their respective teachers any time as they are available on the school campus throughout the day.


 As compared to the day school where children spend about 6 to 7 hours in a day, the rules at the boarding school are made in such a way that the children get easy access to their school and the post-school activities in a same secured environment. This builds a strong spirit of competitiveness inside them. It’s all about how they manage their curricular and sports to come out with flying colors while achieving success in their life.


A child studying in a boarding school will be exposed to many co-students’ company of his/her own age who come from different cultural backgrounds possessing various talents. Knowledge is not about just getting A grade in your studies, it’s about knowing the things deeply.


Independence & self-confidence are the rarest combinations that can be achieved by studying at boarding schools only.


Hostel life is a phase when we meet people from different backgrounds.  One can interact with the children of diverse culture, different languages& Society.

Studying in a boarding school can make the children more confident to reach one step closer towards their dreams.

All of the above factors made the parents think about sending their kids to boarding schools. If the child is ready to go to a boarding school & is eager to go there, then he must go.




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