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Why Are Boarding Schools Good?

As the competition is rising day by day, parents are giving more importance to providing good quality education to their kids. The parameters to select a school for their child has changed a lot over the decades, earlier the main parameter was to find a school which is nearest to their residence, but now more importance is given to the quality of education that such schools provide.

Some parents are lucky to find good schools in their neighbourhood, but not everyone gets this advantage. So the only option left for the parents is to send their kids to boarding school. While some parents might think that these schools can provide a full holistic development to their child and he can become an all-rounder, they are right to some extent. Well, every coin has two sides, so you need to choose what is best for your kid as per your need and situation.

The schooling days of our life have a significant impact on us for the rest of our life, these days shape our future, so parents need to consider every single point before admitting their child to any school.


Boarding School


A typical day school is where kids live in their home and then attend the school at the school timings and then return home after school ends. Opposed to this, a boarding school is a place where the students live on the school campus. The full boarding school provides all the facilities, i.e. mess and lodging facilities. Boarding schools, in general, have all the facilities needed by the child in the campus itself from the library to gym, everything is taken care of by the school authorities.

In boarding schools students have to live in the campus hostel for the entire term and is allowed to go back to home only on vacations, some boarding schools even allow students to go back to their home during weekends. Some boarding schools are single-gender, i.e. boys or girls boarding schools while others are co-educational boarding schools.


Facilities Provided By Boarding Schools

As it is not allowed for students to go outside the school campus without prior permission from the school authorities and parents, boarding schools make sure that they provide all the necessary facilities needed by the students in the campus itself. Some of the facilities offered by boarding schools

Hostel Facilities

  • Boarding schools provide separate rooms to students with single or many sitting, and parents can choose from any room as per their choice.
  • An experienced warden and other staff members are available in the hostel itself for taking care of children.
  • The school authorities also appoint proper staff for the cleanliness of the hostel.
  • Some schools have separate study rooms for students.
  • A dining room is present in the hostel where students can take meals at fixed times prepared by the mess workers.
  • Relaxation rooms having a television and other indoor activity are also current in some hostels
  • The cafeteria where students can munch in the evening time.


Facilities for Extracurricular activities

Apart from classrooms, labs, a library are some of the basic amenities that boarding schools provide to their students. Facilities provided in some boarding schools are

  • Swimming pool
  • Gym
  • Courts for all type of sports
  • Cinemas and theatres


Pros Of Sending Your Child To A Boarding School

These schools provide a wide range of facilities to the student, you can argue that students attending the day school in day cum boarding school can use these facilities, but these schools are much more than the facilities provided by them.

The schedule of boarding schools ignites a spark of self-discipline in students and which is very important to lead a successful life. Students learn to take care of themselves at a very young age, and this makes them independent, with time they know to do all their chores by themselves. And at some point in time, your kids have to live away from you and stay alone, and these habits would help them a lot.

These schools provide an all-rounded development to a child. It gives academic exposure through exchange programmes which can help them in having great clarity in life regarding what they want to pursue as a career.

Sending a kid to a boring school can be an excellent decision from the parents and can result in fruitful results. Consider all the facts and choose what kind of school would be beneficial for your kid.

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