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Importance of technology in Schools

The education sector in contemporary times cannot be visualized without the intervention of technologies. The use of computers for educational purposes has proved to be a crucial and propagating factor in molding a more advanced approach. With the advent of new technologies such as interactive whiteboards, online teaching, podcasts, laptops and tablets, blogs etc.., the schools are now able to impart knowledge in a more indulging and innovative manner.

The use of several technologies has resulted in better overall personality development of the students. The students are more connected to the world, and the better -equipped classrooms undeniably increase a student’s capabilities and engagement. Some advantages are listed as follows:-

  • Great assistance to the teachers, as they can keep track of several things more effectively.
  • The process of studying becomes more interesting.
  • A tech-savvy environment leads to the generation of better performance.
  • Access to a massive amount of information increases awareness among the students.
  • Leads to a larger number of student involvement at a particular instance. More extensive audience engagement can be achieved through document cameras.

The last decade saw a revolutionary transformation in the education sector pertaining to the use of the latest technologies. Paralleled with the internet, the expansion of information has now become far-reaching. Schools primarily can dig maximum benefits out of this source. Online lectures are also beneficial for students who might have missed an opportunity under certain circumstances.

Numerous best boarding School are now investing in several technologies to keep track of their students and promote a more collaborative environment. The fingerprint scanning technology, to mark the attendance of the student is one such venture. This particular method is more accurate and fool-proof and also establishes a more disciplined environment.

Several Schools in Dehradun has prioritized the inclusion of various technical aspects in their education model. One of the Best Girls Boarding Schools In India, such as the Ecole Globale International Girls School incorporates the use of several technologies to make learning a more productive experience.

Here are a few Education technologies that are preferred by the top boarding schools:-

  • Projectors- Imparting education through presentations is an excellent way to improve understanding of various topics. The students can be encouraged to make presentations and then narrate them in front of the classroom, with the help of the projectors. it improves the self- confidence of the students.
  • Interactive Electronic Whiteboards- Through this, the teachers have access to various visual aids such as graphs, pictographs and pictures, videos etc. This emphasizes more clarity in understanding the subject matter. The monotonous and boring narrative aspect is toned down ad students are able to pay attention more easily. This also promotes practical learning of the various concepts, as they can be now visualized through videos and other visual aids.
  • Use Of Computers in Classrooms- We live in the 21st century when technology has conquered our world. Therefore, carrying heavy loads and bags seems to be a very outdated concept. Also, global environmental concerns do not support the cutting down of trees. Hence, the use of technologies such as computers, tablets and laptops to replace the books can be seen as a very progressive step. Not only it eliminates the student’s concerns regarding the heavyweight of carrying the books, but it also leads to better space management. Since a small device can now store the humongous amount of information, the work becomes more comfortable and subsequently more efficient. 
  • Visual Presenters:- Document cameras can project and magnify an actual three-dimensional object to a larger screen. They are high-resolution web-cams. The presenters or teachers can now present their work on paper to a broader audience. Such a tool is handy for the art and painting classes, especially when you want to reach a more significant number of spectators or scholars.
  • Fingerprint Scanners- These are primarily used for marking the student’s attendance. This particular method is very fool-proof. Also, the regularity and discipline in the students are ensured through this.

Below are listed some of the Best Boarding School in India with FEEwho are well equipped with latest technologies:-

All these schools have adopted all the latest tools and technologies to aid their students towards a more full-filling learning experience, ensuring a successful and better future for them.



Why are the technological aids used in education?

The technological aspects in the education sector have leveled up the teaching game. Technology has now penetrated all areas of our lives, and hence, education cannot be excluded.

What type of technologies does boarding school use?

In addition to the traditional teaching and interactive apparatus, the boarding schools usually invest in an advanced security system, CCTV, fingerprint scanners etc.

What is the technology future in the Education Sector?

Technology has a very far-reaching future in the education field. Various learning aspects now involves technology. It has emerged as an indispensable part of the learning process.

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