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Which are the Top 10 Day Boarding Schools in Delhi?

Children are also taught to be compassionate towards others and that is a very important aspect of education. Unlike before, parents today prefer good quality day boarding schools that excel in various extracurricular activities as well. This explains the increase in demand for good educational institutions which can provide holistic education to students along with excellent infrastructure standards.


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What you’ll learn at a day boarding school

If you’re like most parents, one of your greatest concerns is doing the best you can to help your child succeed. And for many parents, a private boarding school can offer an opportunity for academic success and emotional growth that public schools just can’t.


The fact is that private school has the potential to offer myriad educational and social opportunities to students who might not otherwise have access to them. But it’s important to know what you’re getting into before you enroll your child in a boarding school. Here are some of the important things you should know about this type of school: What is a Day Boarding School?


Day-boarding schools are private schools that offer a traditional education model with both day and boarding students. The main difference between day-boarding and traditional boarding schools in India is that day-boarding students go home every night while traditional boarding students do not. Day-boarding programs provide the opportunity for students to experience many of the benefits of boarding schools while still having the support of their parents at home.


Types of day boarding schools

  • Traditional day boarding school: This type of school is located on the campus of a college or university, and it offers classes for kids from kindergarten through grade 12. A comprehensive curriculum is offered, and students can take part in sports, clubs, music, and other extracurricular activities. 


  • Short-term day boarding school: This type of school offers an education program that lasts for just a few weeks or months. Students usually attend these programs during the summertime or during other breaks between semesters. Student-athletes often use this option to train full time without having to worry too much about their classwork.


  •  Military day boarding school: A military day boarding school is similar to a traditional day boarding school, but it focuses more on providing education while also providing preparation for service in the military. The environment at these schools is meant to be similar to what new recruits will experience in the military.


Location of day boarding schools

Location: The location of the boarding school should have all facilities required by the children and faculty members so that they do not feel less than their needs and they do not have to face any difficulty in fulfilling their needs.


Facilities: The boarding school should have proper classrooms, playgrounds, toilets, a hospital, and a canteen. All these facilities should be well maintained and clean always.


Security: The security of the boarding school is a very important factor that should be considered before making your decision. Security guards should be employed at each and every gate of the boarding schools for the safety of the students coming from outside places.


  • G.D. Goenka World School
  • G.D. Goenka Signature School
  • Lancers International School
  • Delhi Public School
  • Pathways World School
  • Amity International School
  • Ryan International School
  • Heritage Global School
  • The Mann School
  • Excelsior American School


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