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What is the importance of studying literature in school?

Most people don’t study literature in school anymore. There are some that still do, which is great because reading novels and different types of genres have obvious benefits to an individual’s growth as a person. This post will look at exactly what literature means, and why it may be important to study it at schools in India.

When you think of literature, what comes to mind? If you’re like most people, it probably brings to mind Shakespeare – whose plays are as relevant and important today as when they were written hundreds of years ago. Literature is important for teaching you not only about the human condition but about different modes of writing. You learn about dialogue, exposition, and narrative by studying literature.

What is the importance of studying literature in school?


The subject of literature is one that arouses strong feelings amongst students. Some hate it, others love it, and some even dread it. But there is no denying that literature plays a vital role in the education of all students, and it can be interesting as well as fun.


What is Literature?

Literature covers many different forms of written expression. It includes poetry and drama, novels and short stories, essays, and letters. It covers everything from epic works like The Iliad to modern murder mysteries like those by Agatha Christie.


Although a lot of people will think that all writing is literature, it’s not just any kind of writing. Great works of literature are usually considered to be those that have been written over a period of time, usually by many different authors who were inspired by earlier works in this field. They are often regarded as the finest examples of the art form concerned, and they deal with themes that are universal to human experience.




How can we study Literature?

There are many ways to study literature at school. At first glance, it would seem like the two most obvious methods are either to read great works of literature in class or to study them out of class at home. 


The importance of studying literature in school is that it allows you to develop your analytical skills and understanding. You will be encouraged to engage with a range of texts and discuss them, allowing you to develop a deeper understanding of the world around you. The study of literature also allows you to link what you are learning in your subject lessons, such as history or geography, to the wider context provided by narrative fiction.

We may all have our own opinions as to why studying literature is important in school. It’s a great way to learn new vocabularies, master writing skills, and improve comprehension skills. Some people feel that reading the classics can be an avenue for the popular to appreciate art for what it is, and for the unpopular to gain an appreciation for the arts (it’s easier to relate). Studying literature also requires focus, an important quality that has been dwindling over time.


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