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Exam management revolution in 2021

The education sector is transforming and evolving at an incredible pace due to advanced technology. Which has made online education and examination possible as traditionally, classroom-based learning was the only option for students to get education similarly, teachers had no technological support available, so they have to do everything by themselves from manually preparing the question paper to keeping that exam paper safe and secure and lastly checking the answer sheets of students and grading them accordingly. 

However, things have dramatically changed in recent year and especially after Covid – 19 pandemic as schools and colleges dependency on offline education and exam management has started to reduced which resulted in many boarding schools in India and colleges have started to use educational technology to provide education to the students as well as using Examination Management Technology which not only will save the time of teachers but also it’s also very convenient for students as they now can give their exams from the there nearest exam center. 

Exam management tools are becoming popular in educational institutions as they provide lots of benefits to teachers and save their valuable time which they can utilize in other key activities. Exam Management tools help teachers in Planning the Exam, Creating Question Paper, Question banks with their solutions, Time – Table For the examination, Exam results, allocation of teachers and supervisors, and lastly the grading. Institutions can customize everything related to exams in these tools and the best part is that the exam management system can provide all the details in a single platform which makes managing the tool super easy and it creates a good environment for studying and also transparency in educational institutions. 

Features of Exam Management System 

1 – Manual Examination 

Though it’s an online tool it doesn’t fully eliminate the manual examination as teachers can customize it accordingly like Teachers can arrange examinations with proper planning, schedules, and overall designing of the paper. Teachers can also go in-debt customization where teachers can also add the manual examination details of the institute or they can set the different grading levels and ranks for the students which will definitely be based on students performance. Teachers can also write students’ names and marks obtained in all subjects this helps in tracking the performance easily. 

2 – Create Question Bank 

To help students out and help them prepare better for the examination Teachers can create a Question bank which contains a list of all the important questions of different subjects with its solution. Teachers can simply upload all the questions in a system that is accessible by all the students and they can download it with a single click. This saves a lot of precious time for both students and teachers. 

3 – Online Examination 

Teachers can customize questions paper for an online examination, they can add questions to exam also they can choose either including Multiple choice Questions or having a lengthy descriptive question. When Teachers create an exam it sends a notification to students and they have to sign up for the exams and take the examination. They will receive the result instantly saving time for teachers and help students to evaluate their performance. 

4 – Grading and Ranking

In this system, control is in the teacher’s hand so they can set the grading level and decide ranking according to students’ performances. The examination system will help the teachers in automatically allocating the score and ranks to students. This makes the process super fast and easy for both teachers and students. 

5 – Examination Results and Performance Evaluation 

It helps Teachers in creating, managing, and disclosing the results of each student online which the students can easily access without even visiting the school or college. The results include detailed reports of monthly as well as the yearly performance of each student which gives better insight to students, teachers, and parents about the students’ efforts. 

6 – Examiner and Supervisor Management 

It makes the process of managing the examiner or supervisor for different examinations super easy as the system will automatically allocate supervisors and examiners to different examinations based on their work and specialty. The system also comes in handy as it automatically can evaluate results and allocate the class and section to individual students based on their performance and score. 

Exam Management System is the need of the hour and every school or colleges should start using it in their education model as it not only will save time and energy for teachers but it also saves time for students and it is super convenient as any child can access their report online and for teachers they can customize the exams and everything related to the exams easily and efficiently. 


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