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You are currently viewing Four principles for designing the future of teaching in 2021
Four principles for designing the future of teaching in 2021

Four principles for designing the future of teaching in 2021

Teachers play a vital role in education as they share their knowledge and experience with the students and help them to gain knowledge and become successful in life. Teaching is not at all an easy task as it can be overwhelming. Teachers have so many tasks in their hands like they have to maintain discipline in class so that no students can distract other students from learning, they have to teach students in an efficient way by clearing all the doubts related to concepts or lessons.

Additionally, teachers’ task is to build relationships with the students so they can get comfortable in the classroom and without being hesitant they can ask questions related to lessons or if they don’t understand any concept straight to teachers. Lastly, they have a duty to closely monitor each student’s progress report and let them and their parents know about the areas of improvement.

Teachers do all the tasks while having limited amounts of time which makes it difficult for teachers to manage their time efficiently. Education is changing with time so it’s time to also reinvent the role of teachers and their classroom so that teachers can focus on important work which often gets sidelined by the daily task in Classroom.  

Here are four principles that can guide teachers to solve system-level challenges 

1 – Teachers have insufficient time 

Teachers are the most important part of the education system and mostly everything depends on teachers for instance students education, checking their homework, preparing exams, conducting exams, maintaining discipline, delivering results for the schools plus they have to build meaningful relationships with children’s, their parents. We have to face reality which is that teachers are also human, they are burdened with best practices, new policies, high expectations and it’s impossible for them to focus on everything given a limited time. The only solution to free up teachers’ time is to assist them with the innovation and instruments that can handle sidelined tasks so that teachers can focus on important tasks. This can save a lot of time for teachers which they can use in updating themselves and teach efficiently. 

2 –  Advance Technology can amplify Teachers’ capabilities. 

Technology can really help teachers and students to enhance their education experience but most schools still prefer classroom-based learning with minimal technology use and when schools do decide to use up technology they primarily focus on students instead of teachers they always think about how this new technology can help students and then they considered it to invest or not to invest in that technology. If schools just focus on teachers and try to use technology that will focus on helping teachers it will automatically be beneficial for the student’s teachers using videos and infographics can help teachers to save their time while students find the content engaging which enhances their learning. On the other hand, schools should only focus on technology that will help teachers save time, unlike thode technology which consumes most of the teacher’s time just to manage the new technology.

3 –  Technology that enhances Teachers practices 

Some technology help teachers save time but there is a lot of technology that not only save time but they enhance teachers ability to deliver that content or institutions like, an interactive whiteboard, digital workbook, augmented reality, word processor, presentation software’s these help students to better understand the content and they able to grasp the knowledge faster. There are so many tools available that help teachers in planning, grading, measuring the progress of students, messenger apps by which they can easily get connected with students’ parents. These tools can save lots of time for teachers which they can use in high-value work. 

4 – Teachers need to address capacity as their core problem of practice

It’s easy for teachers to adopt a new technology that helps them with their current practice and enhance their delivery of information However, it is so difficult for teachers that have limited time to reinvent their instructional model. For that teachers have to admit that their ordinary instructions are not helpful for students and also for them. Conventional teacher-led instruction doesn’t help students so they have to enhance their capabilities and provide the best learning experience for the students.

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