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You are currently viewing Advanced Technologies used in schools in current era
Advanced Technologies used in schools in current era

Advanced Technologies used in schools in current era


Advancement of technology has led to modifications in many sectors and education sectors have not been as the education in the current era is totally different what it used to be back in the days as many schools like Boarding schools of India and specifically, girls boarding school in Dehradun has started using advanced technology in their education which has helped both teachers as well as students as for teachers.

Advance technology assists them with tools that enhance their teaching ability and they can teach in a more effective way On the other hand It helps students to understand the material or information in a better way which increases their chance of retaining the knowledge.

How was education before Advance Technology was introduced in schools 

The traditional way of learning mostly depends on classroom-based learning where teachers used to teach students with the help of chalkboard and books which results in poor engagement of students as they are unable to understand the material which results in poor retention of knowledge. 

Students solely have to depend on books and teachers for their education which makes it harder for students with different learning techniques as all students have to follow one technique for their learning which affects the performance of the child.

Additionally, there was no scope for distance education as the education is only classroom-based which affects the education of students who are unable to come in the classroom due to any reasons.

Five Advanced Technologies which are used in Schools 

1 – Advanced Whiteboard 

Many schools these days uses advanced whiteboard instead of old black chalkboard which has totally modified the education as now the teacher can use multimedia like graphics, infographic, Images or videos to teach the lesson which helps students to engage well with the material and understand the information properly also it will help the students with different learning styles and will boost their performance. 

2 – Virtual and Augmented Reality 

Virtual and augmented reality is now being used in schools as it allows students to connect with the material and can explore it deeply for example students are reading and learning and when they see a picture or an illustration they can use augmented reality to further illustrate the material giving students a clear deep understanding of the concept. Teachers use Augmented reality as it helps them make the concept explanation process easier and simpler.

3 – Cloud Computing 

Cloud computing has taken education to whole new levels as now everything’s related to education like students data, homework, study material, books all are stored online in a remote server which can be accessed from anywhere so students don’t have to carry study material with them 24X7 as they can easily get required material online. Students can also collaborate with other students with the help of digital devices. This is all possible because of Cloud Computing.

4 – Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech  Option 

This has been one of the most useful tools in current era for the students  as they finds it boring to continuously reading long text in a book or write long speech in textbooks so this advanced technology like Speech-To-Text and  Text-to-speech work as a virtual assistant for students helping them to easily convert speech to text and vice versa. This can save a lot of time for the students and increase their productivity.

5- Virtual Classroom 

Nowadays virtual classroom has become quite popular after Covid Pandemic as every educational institution has shifted from classroom-based learning to online classroom. The concept of a virtual classroom is helpful for students who can continue their studies irrespective of their location. The virtual classroom has an exact atmosphere like a normal classroom making students comfortable whereas giving teachers control of the class from the comfort of their home.

6 – Learning Analytics 

Artificial Intelligence has really helped teachers to track the performance of the students and can generate a report which can really help students to focus on areas that require attention. By getting proper analytical data teachers can also adjust their way of teaching by measuring the data of all different learning approaches and focus on the one that shows great results. As it stops teachers to make rational decisions as now all the decisions are made out of Analytics data. 

7 – Gamification

There are various apps and tools available which use games as an educational tool. These games are designed in a way that helps students engage and learn valuable concepts and gain knowledge. When teachers use Gamification In education students get a chance to play exciting fun games which are quite engaging in nature and this will improve the performance of the students as they connect with the information in a fun way.


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