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Teaching the Concept of Relationships to Your Kids

Every parent tries their best to prepare their children for the challenges of adult life like they help them get an education, help them in building skills, teach them good behaviour so that they can become successful in their lives but the only things which most parents ignore are teaching kids about the concept of relationships and many kids who became adults struggle to create a healthy bond or relationships as they don’t exactly know the concept of healthy relationships or how it is formed, what it takes to maintain a healthy relationship and how to rise above hate and jealousy. 

Life can teach Children about relationships but to save children from that bumpy ride parents and even teachers can help them learn about relationships which will help them throughout their lives for creating meaningful and healthy relationships and overcoming ego, anger, lots of other relationships issues. Most adults right now are struggling to find a right balance in relationships so teaching child about the concept of Relationships will be the greatest gift which a parent can give it to their child and it will help them understand a lot about healthy relationships or how it is formed, what it takes to maintain a healthy relationship and how to rise above hate and jealousy.

It’s not only parents duty to teach children about relationships concepts but teachers can play a crucial role in it as well that’s why boarding schools of India and especially girls boarding schools of India are teaching children about relationships concept helping them to create a healthy relationship with other peers and this is necessary for the overall development of the child as alongside academics and sports child should also have knowledge about relationships.

Important Factors in Concept of Relationships 

1 – Assertive Communication in Relationships

Communication is an important part of a relationship as it is very crucial for the child to feel confident and can easily convey whatever they feel. However, relationships are not only about conveying but it is also about understanding the feelings and perspective of others. Assertive Communication is basically a form in which two-person are honest , truthful, and respectable when they they communicate , Though disagreement can happen on sone issues and it can leads to conflict but instead of proving yourself right focus on finding the right balance and understanding the perspective of others.

2 – Having Respect in Relationships

Respect is another big part of a relationship as people tend to observe each other’s behaviour and it  will decide whether they want to stay around or not so kids need to learn about respecting others irrespective of their age or gender , family members or strangers. Every relationship demands some mutual respect of views and emotions so teach kids about avoiding self-centric approach and respect other views and emotions to create a healthy relationship.

3 – Balance in Relationships

Finding the right balance in relation is a key to a healthy relationship as some kids get overly possessive of their friends also don’t allow them to play with others kids  and if they do play with others conflicts started to happen in a relationship so teach children about the balance in a relationship giving freedom to others to do whatever they wanted and also making lots of friends is completely healthy .

4- Copying Skills in Relationships

Sometimes no matter how hard you tried some relationships will face downfall either intentionally or unintentionally so teach kids about facing disappointment and carrying on with life without letting any scars of a bad relationship appear on their emotional health.

How to teach Kids concepts of Relationship 

1-  Encourage Communications & Let kids express their feelings 

Parents and Teachers can teach the kids to have a healthy communication where kids can express themselves freely just make sure to pick a acceptable communication as parents and teacher can let kids draw their feeling like creating a drawing of happy or angry face or simply toss a pillow when angry or disappointed by this kids will learn about themselves and their feelings and will have a better idea about feelings of others as well.

2 – Spend Uninterrupted Times 

Parents can spend some uninterrupted times with the kids by giving proper attention to kids and letting kids decide what to play and how to play no matter how stupid the game is just play along and this will build the trust in a relationship and child can easily express their emotion and feelings.

3- Respect Kids Feelings

Children learn from what they see and observe so it’s always good approach to respect kids feeling instead of making fun of kids emotions which can result in kids suppressing their emotions and this can affect their emotional well-being  so parents should respect kids feeling and allow your kids to freely express themselves this will not only improves relationships but it also building emotional health.

4 – Allow Kids to Play with Peers

Parents should let Kids play with the peers as parents can be available just to observe the kids behaviour but give them freedom to explore the world on their own, build relationships with other kids , share their emotions , respecting other kids views and emotions. However if parents see a child not behaving appropriately with others child parents can come in between and teach kids how to behave appropriately with others.


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