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Ways To Build Character In Kids

When we analyze the life of some of the greatest leaders in the world, one thing that impresses us the most is their proficient character and personality. The nature of humans is crucial for establishing his/ her success in life. Education is not only about learning theories, solving problems, and dictating history. It is a much broader concept that also provides significant importance to character development and entrenching human values in a child.

Schools play a vital role in building the character of a child, but a child’s parents play a more significant role. Parents are the first teacher in anyone’s life, who teaches about values, relations, and a good character. 

Several schools emphasize instilling integrity, respect, responsibility, kindness, honesty, equality, sympathy, and gratitude into their students. But, character development cannot just happen in a schoolroom. Parents need to be active in this process, as the most considerable influence in any child’s life comes from their parents.  

The qualities of a good character can be developed through interaction with the family, school, community influence, and also the mindset and perception of a child. Elders can provide the right guidance and instructions to the children in this process based on their experience.

Become Your Child’s Role Model

Parents who have a strong and influential character have a better chance of transmitting these habits to their children as well. If you are honest, responsible, compassionate, kind, understanding, and respectful, your children will develop similar traits. This is because a child is under the guidance of their parents for a significant part of his/ her life. They imitate their parents and hence develop habits and personalities similar to that of their parents.

Therefore, if parents have a strong personality, they will raise better kids. Focus on being better yourself before confronting your kids. If you yourself do not exercise and lies on the couch engrossed on your device the entire day, you cannot expect your child to be any better. Kids need to made aware that a parent, you genuinely care about their feelings and character. This will motivate them further to develop their personality.

Use Teachable Moments To Deliver Important Values

Experience is the most excellent teacher in a human’s life. Utilize certain moments with your child as a teaching lesson. Implement strict disciplinary measures if a child violates an absolute rule. Tell them about the consequences of their behavior and the negative impacts that they relay. Correct and confront your child whenever possible, and do not take any wrongdoing lightly. 

Build moments or events pertaining to a particular character lesson. Utilize every moment properly. 

How To Respond When A Child Lies?

When a child discovers that he/ she can get what their heart desires get away with a tricky situation by making up lies, they are perceptible to develop a bad habit. Dishonesty is a negative personality aspect and parents should make sure that their youngster understands this. 

If you discover your child lying or indulging in an inappropriate situation, then confront him and her. Teach them about an apology and tell them how their acts can lead up to severe consequences in the future. Tell them some real-life incidents that have resulted due to dishonesty. The children will learn their lesson and refrain from lying in the future.

Sometimes children lie because they are afraid of telling the truth to their parents or teachers. Do not let such kind of fear generated in your child’s mind. Build trust and understanding.

Relate Stories About Life And Literature

Kids are very much drawn towards fantasy and stories. Parents should regularly indulge in story sessions with their kids that teach a valuable lesson. Watching movies and documentaries can also be a great help in this process. 

Real-life stories or personal experiences also serve as a great mentor to the children. When a child learns about the experiences of someone whom they feel connected to, they take in the lesson on a more positive note. 

Today, numerous movies, books, stories, and documentaries are available to teach children about critical values. 


Provide Them Learning Opportunities

Theoretical knowledge is not always enough. Practical applications of the learned concepts are required to entrench the teachings in the minds of the students. These will help the kids to confront several apprehensive situations without much struggle. Kids will learn better when they will see how the learned values are assisting them in coping up with situations. They will develop these as a habit. Provide them choices and analyze how they analyze a situation and tackles them. This is the surest way of knowing that your child can learn and implement the things that are being taught to them.

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