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Protecting Kids From Explicit Online Content

Influence Of The Internet On Kid’s Life Today

The kids of this 21st century are growing up before age. The primary reason for this could be the diversified world where anyone can find anything. The popular technology revolution brought up by the Internet is a boon in terms of advancing human society that brings comfort and luxury. Still, at the same time, it can act as a curse where kids get involved in a vicious trap knowingly or unknowingly. Evil is hard to resist, and it attracts week or immature wills towards itself, and till the time one can differentiate between the good and the bad, it is too late. One gets so involved and trapped in the evil that it cannot step out from the chamber of evil.


Adverse Affects Of Online Media

The Internet gave us the liberty to keep our things safe online and view items marked online. This liberty for adults is wrapped in a translucent cover digging up the grave of a child’s childhood. As the kids are sharp today, they quickly grab things and enact things as it is which then spreads all over. Awful pictures and videos, adult films and videos, exposed advertisements, and other explicit pieces of stuff are taking the kids far from their childhood. The young, innocent minds either get scared or take the wrong direction for their life. In either scenario, the kid is forced to leave behind the essence of his guilelessness, innocence, and vividness at his early stages of childhood. This is encouraging crimes and developing more young criminals. A healthy mind is all rotten up with illicit illustrations.


Earlier, the world was not as gross as today, and people have been dual-faced in alee of modernization. The adults need to understand that there is an age for few things, like you cannot hand over a sharp knife to a year old child knowingly. For one to hold a knife requires a lot of prior briefing and introduction of the object. If not, then you can witness the kid getting wounded itself.

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Role Of Parents

Being a parent is the responsibility to raise a child to be an asset to the world and humanity, and not bedevil causing destruction and terror.

It is a sign of a good parent if you provide proper personal space and time to the kid, but it is also essential to keep an eye on the everyday activities of your kid. Any adverse change in the behavior should be noticed and discussed among the family, and the best solutions should be implemented to make the difference. Freedom has its limitations too, and it must be respected.

The device that is being used by the kid should not be involved in any adult activity. Your devices have become smart today, and they trace your activities to fetch advertisements of your interest into your device’s screen. Any activity can expose your kid to the darker side of the web, unknowingly pointing you as the ultimate cause of the scene.

Kids are raw, and shaping them is a task for you as a parent. Tracking and tracing all day is not possible and also hinders the kid’s right to freedom, but from time to time, checking the activities of your children, inspecting their goods, taking a regular report of their class behavior, knowing their friends, etc. is necessary.

There is a feature in your smart device which when enabled, restricts your kids from accessing certain applications that are installed into your device. The child lock hides and covers the device applications and functionalities and only allows the activity that you permit under the child lock category. So, whenever you hand over a device to kids, enable the child lock.

You must check your child’s browser history if you have provided a separate device to your child. Checking the phone and stuff of your child is not a symptom of a sneaky parent instead, it makes you a responsible and smart parent.

The online games your children play should be safe and not manipulative. Games are made addictive, and unknowingly, people get addicted to games. So the use of phones should be restricted and time-bound so that it does not construct any addiction to your kid.



Well, being an adult and a parent, it is your responsibility to guide your children and your siblings. Tell them the demerits of the excessive use of digital devices and gadgets, teach them good moral values through stories, make them aware of how vicious the world is, tell them ways to protect themselves, talk to them, hear out their problems, and find time to listen to their stories to answer their questions. Having a two-way unbiased conversation is the best way to know your children and to teach them well. Never ignore your child’s bad habits and false behavior; small mistakes today construct the foundation of big crimes of tomorrow.


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