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What to Do If Your Child Has to Miss School

Life is unpredictable, and specific circumstances can arise without one’s knowledge and anticipation. Things might not always happen as per the planned schedule. Hence one still needs to have a backup when such type of situation is faced.

The same principle also applies to the life of a student. School is the most crucial part of a child’s life, and as a parent, one needs to make sure that the child does not miss any class or lesson. But, on several inevitable occasions, your kid might have to miss one or two courses at some point throughout the year. This can be due to sickness, essential appointments, vacations, or anything.
While these absences are unavoidable, students can miss essential lectures, assignments, or other activities because of them. A longer period of absences has a significant impact on a child’s schedule, and he/ she may face problems in catching up with the things being taught in the school.

The problem becomes prevalent in higher grades, as for preteens, the syllabus is designed in a manner that the students can easily catch up. In higher grades, the studies are complicated, and the burden of pending assignments, projects, lessons, and tests can conquer the mind of the student. These increases workload is not healthy for a child, and he/ she may experience a deterioration of the performance. Mental stress also can get developed as managing such vast amounts of work can subject pressure on a student’s mind.

Sometimes the kids do not realize the consequences of missing the school and hence may not give much attention towards catching up. Therefore, parents need to ensure that the students prioritize their studies, by creating a backup plan to help them cope up with the workload generated due to the absences.



Before planning family vacations and events, consult your child’s school authorities and get information about the school calendar. Teachers can provide the students with a list of school holidays and celebrations. Parents can refer to this list and plan the family events accordingly.
Summer break and winter breaks of your child can also be helpful in the process. Schedule your ward’s physical examination, dental appointments, or eye check-ups during this time. This will ensure that your child remains healthy and does not have to indulge in sick leaves throughout the year. A child spends only a few hours of the day in school. Therefore, the doctor’s visits can also be scheduled after the school gets over.
Timely flu shots, vaccines, and check-ups will ensure that your kids remain healthy and are less prone to take sick-leaves in the wake of an ailment or disease.
If your teen has to miss a lecture due to a marriage function or other family event, contact the teacher and ask for lectures and assignments. Even your child’s classmates can provide the relevant notes and resources to help your child cover up the pending work. Many school systems also offer extra- classes for students who might miss classes. Understand your child’s school policies and get the necessary help if needed.



At the beginning of the school session, make sure that you collect the relevant data and materials of your child’s syllabus. Also, stay connected with the teachers and other students of the school. Your kid’s seniors can also help by providing their old notes and references.



If your child is suffering from a severe illness, get a written doctor’s advice. A medical certificate can compel the school authorities to take the necessary actions to make up for the child’s loss of school time.



Make sure that your child’s cupboard is stocked up with all the necessary school supplies and books. In case there is an emergency, and your child is unable to go to school for a considerable amount of time, he/ she should have all the resources at home.



Some acute sickness can cause a child to miss school for an extended amount of time. Even vacations or family events can affect a child’s daily schedule. In such cases, it is better to inform the school authorities about the situation. Schools can organize notes and assignments to be delivered to the child.
In the present age, when the internet and technologies are majorly influencing the lives of the people, education can also benefit. Online lectures, tests, and assignments can prove to be very helpful to students who are prone to missing school.
Home tuitions and coaching classes are also of great help. Your child’s friend can also help in the process.

Anything in life can be efficiently tackled through proper planning and management. Your child’s future lies in the foundation that gets entrenched in the schools, hence make sure that you provide adequate guidance and ensure that your child does not miss any lecture.

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