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The prevalence of social media in the contemporary age is conspicuous in every sector of life. Today, every person in the world is susceptible to the influence of social media. It is no more a mere source of entertainment and has evolved into an enormous platform for endorsements, advertisements, promotions, and brand establishment. Many people in the form of influencers have also made a living with the aid of social media.

The three most extensively used social media platforms include:-

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

The cognizance and significance of social media are also reflected in the life of a student. Students nowadays rely on social media up to a certain degree to gain knowledge and resources to help them in their studies. Here are a few facts that prove that social media has become an essential part of a student’s life:-

  • Approximately 93% of the students in the world have a Facebook account.
  • Of the total time that a student spends on the internet, 1/4th is spent on various social networking websites.
  • 46% of the students utilize social videos and podcasts as part of an educational supplement to their lectures.

The internet revolution has been the primary player in proliferating the presence of social media in the life of the general public. Also, with the advent and the invention of new-age devices, the process has become simple and more accessible. Today, a majority of the population has a tool that helps them in keeping track of social media platforms. The top gadgets that are utilized in this stride include:-

  • 68% of people use laptops, be it for their entertainment activities or office work.
  • 20% of people use a mobile phone or any other smartphone device.
  • 12% of users prefer a personal computer to access social media or conduct other tasks.


So why are students so dependent on social media? To what extent has social media made an impact on the life of a student and in the field of education. Here are a few advantages that a student encounters due to social media:-

  • Students are more comfortable in presenting their doubts and queries on a social media platform. Hence, they can achieve clarity in their concepts. In the classroom, some students feel hesitant about talking in front of the whole class. Sometimes, even the teacher is not able to pay attention to several students at a particular instance of time.
  • Students also get an opportunity of starting a “book discussion club.” Social media is the best platform to present your opinions. Also, students and teachers from various institutes can participate in these discussions and offer their opinions and views on the matter.
  • Classmates can quickly help each other through the help of social media by sharing their notes and different types of study material. Information about the achievement activities on the campus can also be presented through these platforms.
  • Students can organize interactive study groups. In this, they can share their information and resources along with doubts and queries. A different perspective on a particular topic can be analyzed in this method.
  • College students can use this platform to share their views and personal projects and get feedback from different groups of people. For personal growth, this platform can prove to be a blessing to several people.


Social media is not all boon roses. There are thorns in the rose social media. If used in the wrong format with a negative mindset, this can lead to a lot of distractions and problems in a student’s life. In a survey, nearly 2/3rd of the total of 102 students admitted having used their device during a lecture. More than 57% of students also said that social media has made them less productive. Here are a few other negative impacts of social media:-

  • It decreases the face to face interaction hence may hamper the real-life communication skills of a person.
  • Libraries have become a thing of the past now. Now students spend more time glaring at ten screens of their electronic devices rather than studying with the help of books.
  • Social media has given rise to a new language. Today people use slangs and abbreviations without considering the grammar and other issues. This reduces the writing abilities of the students.


Like a coin, everything has two sides to it. There are pros and cons to every situation. Ultimately, it depends on us as to how we mold the situation to our benefit. In this age, one cannot expect social media to disappear because of a few negative aspects. Hence, students have to learn about the positives of social media and utilize it to their profit.

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