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5 Hallmarks of 21st Century Teaching and Learning (1)

5 Hallmarks of 21st Century Teaching and Learning

Everything changes with time and Education are no exception as with the help of advanced technology education has evolved a lot in 21st Century to what it was back in the 20th Century as now the students can’t be taught using the technique of the 20th Century because they are completely outdated as 20th-century education revolves around classrooms based learning and the only source of knowledge was books so students never had any different options available for learning and whereas the teaching is concerned traditional education uses blackboard or chalkboard to teach students which is neither advanced nor engaging and that’s why students joined tuition classes just to understand the materials. 

We are living in the 21st Century where the methodology of teaching and learning is more superior and advanced than old traditional methods used in the 20th Century as now with the rise of the Internet and technology education has been digitalized and now students have a plethora of Knowledge which is easily accessible. In the 21st Century, not only teaching method has changed but also the learning technique has been modified as today’s education focus on building digital literacy, developing skills like critical thinking, problem-solving skills and etc. that are required in this modern world.

1- 21st Century Skills and Technology

Technology is widely used in the education as teachers of the schools in Dehradun use technology tools like digital Whiteboards to instead of chalkboard which helps students to get engage with the content and teachers also uses various multimedia options to make the information more engaging which make students connect with the information and learn and understand easily on the other hand students have multiple options of learning as with the help of technology students are able to complete their projects digitally and easily can share with the teachers, not like traditional education where students have to learn offline, do the projects on paper and manually submit the work to teachers. Technology has saved a lot of time, energy, and paper that’s why 21st Century education revolves around Technology. 

2-  Project-Based Learning 

Project-based learning is also a hallmark of 21st Century education as it helps students to develop problems solving skills, critical thinking skills, collaborative skills and etc as every student has their own way of learning sone like to learn from books, some like to learn from. Videos so project-based learning really provides a great opportunity which enhances the individual learning as students are working on a project to solve a real-world problem and every student will use their different knowledge in order to solve the problem this will build critical thinking and Problems solving skills which will help students in 21st Century.

3 – Personalised Learning 

In the 21st Century, learning has become personalized as now teachers understand that every child is different and they should use a different way to teach the students or help them learn so in order to make personalized learning teachers and students come together to create a plan and make short term and long term goals giving the ownership for learning in hands of students and they feel responsible and will work hard to achieve their goals. Students don’t fully depend on teachers for their learning as they can learn it at their own pace as all the information is available online and students can use various educational tools to enhance their learning experience and achieve all their goals.

4 – Fun

Teaching and learning have become fun and engaging in the 21st Century as there are lots of educational tools which teacher uses like Gamification of Knowledge, Augmented Reality. Educational Apps, and use of Multimedia and etc when teachers use this type of tools it creates an atmosphere of fun learning in help students to engage with the information in a fun manner which makes them understand the information better and grasp the knowledge faster than the old traditional methods which were quite boring and students get easily lose interest in education.

5 – Performance-Based Assessment 

In the 21st Century, not only teaching and learning methods have changed but the methods of assessment have quietly modified as now teachers instead of fully focus on the test and yearly exams to measure the performance of students, Teachers use assessment quizzes, polls, projects, and other activities so that they can evaluate all-round performances the students additionally there are so many tools which the teachers uses regularly to keep the track of the student’s performance so they can help them improve their performance. 

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