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How to identify your child’s primary learning style

How to identify your child’s primary learning style

Children are curious to explore and understand the world around them for that children use touch, smell, hand gestures, or asking adults in their broken language. While exploring children starts to develop a pattern of learning which the parents can identify at an early age of child this will help parents to understand the learning style of child and they can also share this vital information with the teachers, by this teachers will align their teaching style with children learning styles to improve the performance of the child. 

There are basically three types of learning styles: kinesthetic, visual, and auditory children at an early age can use a combination of these three patterns but gradually they start to develop a specific style of learning which will allow them to excel in their life. Let’s take a look at all the learning styles in detail. 

Types of child’s primary learning style:

1-    The Kinesthetic Learner

The Kinaesthetic Learner grasps new information mostly by using physical techniques like touching, making gestures to understand answers, using claps to learn a song or rhymes or Using fingers to count and etc. They tend to have a great balance and this is the reason why physical learners learn to crawl and walk quicker than other children.

Kinesthetic Learners are generally good at sports or other physical activities like dancing and they are more interested in craft than drawing as they can’t sit in one place they like to keep on moving.

The sign that shows your child is a kinesthetic learner – 

  • Children who have a Good Hand-Eye coordination
  • Gifted in physical activities like sports and dance 
  • Display early sign of walking
  • Enjoy hands-on activities like craft, drawings, or study games 
  • Having a hard time sitting at one place while learning 
  • Loves Hands-on activities
  • Use a lot of hand gestures while talking and explaining 
  • Have good stability 


  • To help Kinesthetic Learners with the studies Teachers or Parents should use a lot of practice tests instead of theoretical tests as children will be able to absorb the information better.
  • Teachers of schools in Dehradun use gamification while teaching as children will be more engaged with information and help parents and teachers with gamification there are lots of tools available specifically made for children’s
  • Make children Use a stress ball  which they can squeeze while learning as it releases the stress

2 –    The Visual Learner

Visual Learners mostly learn from the visuals around them as they get attracted to bright colours, symmetrical patterns also they tend to dig deeper while looking at paintings, images, and illustrations. Children with visual learning styles love arts, reading books, and craftwork.

Visual learners are more creative as they are more influenced by arts which makes their imagination very colorful. Children with visuals learning styles enjoy videos, movies, cartoons, etc as it becomes easier for them to grasp the information through video platforms. Visual learners focus on details and they remember the littlest of details of their childhood and they will be able to remember names, places, and people quicker.

The sign that shows your child is a Visual learner –

  • Will have a Sharp Memory 
  • Attracted by videos and other Visuals like images or illustrations 
  • Loves arts, crafts, and drawings 
  • Interest in reading  books 
  • Will easily remember a face, names, and people 
  • A great observer of the world around them 


  • Teachers and parents can use colour notes for the children as they are attracted to colour it will help them to absorb information quicker.
  • Teachers and parents should use multimedia tools like videos, images to make learning easier for children as they understand better with the help of videos.
  • They can also use diagrams, charts, maps while studying.

3 –     The Auditory Learner 

Auditory learners use auditory tools to learn and understand the information. They are great listeners as they mostly learn from the sound around them like they can easily identify animals by their sounds or can easily recognize people just by hearing their sound  Additionally they are artistic in nature as they listen to rhymes and poems or songs and easily remember and show interest in music as they can create their own music without any help. 

As they are good listeners they understand direction or institutions quicker if they are given orally as they focus more on sound as instruction given in a writing form won’t be that effective. Children with an auditory learning style have good ears and can remember difficult worlds they are interested in learning a new language as the sound of the accent attracts them. 

The sign that shows your child is an auditory learner –

  • They will be Good listener
  • Will have a strong interest in music, instruments and etc 
  • Sharp memory as they remember difficult word or phrases easily 
  • Artistic in Nature 
  • Likes to talk and discuss 
  • Follow oral instructions better than written instructions 
  • Learn mostly  by reciting 


  • Teachers and parents should let children recite the study notes loudly as they will remember them quickly 
  • Teachers and parents should help students use rhyme, songs when studying as it will boost their learning ability 
  • If children are struggling in any area of study parents and teachers can talk to them about it as they are a great listener they will listen to the instructions. 

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