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What is competency based learning_

Top 5 benefits of competency based learning for students

The traditional way of learning has to become outdated day by day as students are not able to learn key skills and acquire knowledge that will help them to become successful in the future so to prepare the students for the future,  educators from all around the world have started to introduce Competency-based learning which fulfills all the shortcomings of Traditional based learnings as it measures students progress by assessing mastery of the students in particular skills and progression is not based on how much time students spend in the classroom. Many schools like Boarding schools of India have started to implement Competency-based learning in schools to help children prepare for the real world. 

Competency-based learning is a modern learning method where learners focus on learning and mastering a skill while not depending on the timeline of the curriculum as competency-based learning is quite flexible and gives learners the opportunity to learn at their own pace. The progression in Competency-based learning entirely depends on learner mastery so when they successfully showcase their mastery at one level they are promoted to another level. Learners can use different mediums of learning which best suit their learning style and also it can save a lot of time for the students who are focused on learning and acquiring skills as progression does not depend on seat-time.

Characteristics of Competency-Based Learning 

1 – Learner-Centric 

The main characteristic of competency-based learning is that it is centered around learners as it provides opportunities to build relevant skills according to their future goals and be better ready for the real world. Additionally, learners can learn at their own pace using multiple options that best suit their learning styles. In Competency-based  learning, the control is in the learner’s hand and they can gain valuable knowledge in a short period of time and they can also track their progress and achievements. 

2 – Outcome –  Based 

Another characteristic of Competency-based learning is its predefined learning outcomes so with the help of the organization, business, or industries curriculum is prepared based on real problems, real data, and real-world knowledge which provide in-depth knowledge to the Learner and help them prepare for the future and the instructor can also provide support to the learner by pre-identifying the risk which can occur in learner path and give them proper preventive measure.

3 – Differentiated

The third characteristic of Competency-based learning is that it is made for individual learners and can be modified according to individual learning needs. Differentiation is multiple parts that apply to the individual learners, communication, support, intervention, and learning process. 

  • Appropriate interventions: it also provides quality feedback,  regular guidance, activities related to curriculums, or specifically designed tasks that help individual Learners progress along their learning paths.
  • Diagnostic: It provides learners with learning materials based on their previous skills which they have already mastered.
  • Affiliation:  Learners will get different types of materials based on their relationship with the curriculum or programs.
  • Personalized messages & notifications: Learner receives messages and notifications which will be tailored to their specific needs.
  • Choice: learners have multiple options available for learning resources and pathways and they can select anyone based on their own choices and preferences.

Benefits of Competency Based Learning 

1 – Self – Paced 

In competency based learning Learner has the flexibility to learn at their own pace and in this intelligent and fast learner get rewards for their fast learning ability as they can progress quickly attain mastery in the skills and that too in a short amount of time. Whereas if students who take their more time in learning and understanding the information deeply can slowly and steadily progress without feeling left out as it is focused on individual learning so it’s totally in the hand of the learner to progress according to their needs. 

2 – Skill Based 

Competency-based learning focuses on providing individual learners with an opportunity to gain relevant skills and attain mastery in those skills. Course curriculum and its assessment are based on the topics and information related to those specific careers which give in-depth knowledge about those careers and make the individual better ready for their future career. Employers and organizations value the learner who already has relevant skills as they will easily fit in their organization and will be more productive.

3 – Flexible and Engaging 

Competency-based learning is flexible in nature as there are not bound by any mandatory classes which the learner have to attend in order to progress so, in Competency-based learning learner can learn freely anytime according to their schedule Additionally competency-based learning is so engaging as learner finds the curriculum valuable and interesting as it provides real-world value and progression is solely depend on mastery so the learner will focus on learning and understanding instead of rote learning that traditional learning promotes.



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