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  • Post published:Apr 9, 2020
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How to overcome disappointment situation

Disappointment, it’s a feeling of dissatisfaction, which is because of the failure of expectations or hopes in any field or situation. Well, it’s tough for anyone to face disappointment in life. When despite working so hard day and night you fail, you can’t handle the situation. Handling disappointment indeed is a very tough task. When you expect something, and it goes the other way around. You get lost in the world and do not get the right path.

Today let’s examine a regular case of disappointment in sports. 

Ambitious and young athletes often have to deal with disappointment. No one gets success in the first step. But it is up to how they take up the failure and how the people around them react to their crash can shape their resilience.

In general, people cannot take the pressure from themselves and their surroundings and end up doing nothing but crying about the failure.

Many parents are always strict and do not try to understand the side of their child. The parents have very high expectations from their children, so they want them to succeed, but the negative outcome of this pressure is that the child goes into depression and a lot of stress. Then it becomes tough for the kid to perform well in any field.

But we as parents should understand that in this tough situation when the child himself is going through a lot of stress and pressure, we need to support them and not pressurize them even more.

Let’s understand this with two broad situations and reactions and then the outcome of the responses.

Option 1

The reaction of parents or adults or kid himself when the kid fails in any task

  • We are angry
  • It’s unfair
  • We are calling the coach to sort things out.

The outcome of the reaction on the kid

  • When things go wrong, it’s not my fault
  • I never reflect on my behavior or performance
  • I take feedback in a negative way
  • People around me are always against me
  • I feel like I have no control over things

Option 2

The reaction of parents or adults or kid himself when the kid fails in any task

  • We are disappointed for you
  • Let’s make a plan for the next time
  • Why don’t you ask your coach and friends for some feedback?

The outcome of the reaction on the kid

  • When things go wrong, I make a plan for ahead
  • I actively seek out feedback and make positive changes
  • I take responsibility for my actions and achievements
  • I want to grow and learn
  • People around me are my allies
  • I feel in control


  • Accept how you feel
  • You are not a disappointment
  • Learn from your failure
  • Disappointment will happen if you go outside of your comfort zone
  • Refocus on things in your life
  • Talk to someone close to you
  • If you expect to be perfect every time, then adjust them
  • Take a break and find other ways to decrease your stress level and move on
  • Go outside from your thoughts
  • Find energy and motivation again with the help of others
  • Find a small step to start moving forward again
  • Improve your self-esteem

Always remember that the rocky road of champions is beset with disappointments. There is no one in the world you get success in one day, we need to work hard for our goals, but you don’t need to get success in your first attempt. You have to practice and attempt it more than once to achieve success in your life. And in this path, you’ll come across many failures. So it all depends on is how you react to your faults. Always take your shortcomings as a lesson, and improve yourself in your next attempt. It is straightforward to leave the task and cry on your failure. The more challenging and rewarding job is to accept your defeat and learn from your mistakes. And try again with a bang.

And one day, through your all hard work, patience, and perseverance, you will get success.

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