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  • Post published:Jan 14, 2020
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Ten ways to overcome Exam Phobia

Every phobia like, exam phobia, public phobia, water phobia can be overcomes. One of the famous schools in Dehradun, Ecole Globale explains that anxiety is a result of extreme stress, and it is a natural human trait. Social anxiety disorders are common among youth these days, where cut-throat competition exists in every sphere of our life. There are several types of anxiety disorders, but here, we will discuss examination anxiety issues, which is the most common one among students and needs to be dealt with, very seriously. Such disorders disable an individual to perform well in examinations. It is quite natural to feel stressed while an examination is being conducted, but when the level of anxiety reaches its peak, several physical symptoms manifest in the form of dizziness, headache, diarrhea, vomiting and panic attacks and so on. Other symptoms include the feeling of having suffered from cardiac arrest, annoyance and helplessness.

According to research strategies, there are several preventive methods that can help one cope with performance anxiety. Here are ten ways to survive with such anxiety disorders.

1- Ensuring early preparedness

The simplest way to overcome anxiety is studying so hard for examinations that a certain level of confidence can cover up anxiousness. Cribbing over difficult concepts will only result in unpreparedness and consequently, enhanced stress-level. It is always advisable to brainstorm a schedule that enables one to engage in group discussions, take tuition from the subject expert and read relevant topics.

Knowing the pattern of questions beforehand can not only help in solving different types of questions promptly but also decrease stress level gradually and lessen last minute hassles.

2- Watch self-talk

When you are questioning your own performance, the trap of negativity already takes place in the scenario. Anxiety can only bring negative thoughts to foster; hence it is always advisable to watch your words carefully before abiding it. Labelling you as “Foolish” and exclaiming “Oh! I must have studied that topic well.” won’t help in any manner. Rather, you should come up with positive affirmations like: “Yes! I am going to give my level best.” and “My bright future won’t turn dark if my paper goes a little off track.”

3- A sense of accomplishment

Prolific personalities and aristocrats consider themselves to be successful before accomplishing a certain task, even. A clear vision of success helps one succumb anxiety and handle things with ease and comfort. Imagining yourself committing well in any task, can bring fruitful results.

4- Implementation of relaxation strategies

A brisk walk through meadows, progressive muscle relaxation, regular yoga sessions, etc. must be performed by any candidate before the examination arrives. It provides him/her with utmost positivist and strength to keep his/her calm during examination and fights with unwanted stress.

5- Maintain your health

After conducting successful research, it has been found; maximum candidates remain physically unfit due to examination stress. It is advisable to take adequate sleep, keep hydrated and perform yoga or hands-free exercise to stay physically as well as mentally fit. Excess caffeine contributes to anxiety; hence its consumption should be avoided. Besides that, a wholesome breakfast and a balanced diet are equally necessary to keep well.

6- Being punctual

Arriving a few minutes prior to the assigned time for examination reduces enhanced stress, and one should keep a safe distance from those candidates who panic during such a situation. It is advisable to keep a magazine handy to distract from unpleasant situations and keep yourself occupied.

7- Concentrate while writing for examinations

Looking into your own flaws and correcting them is the best thing to do. It is always good to introspect a bit, while holding the pen in your hand and taking a deep breath, ultimately, to pen down a profound answer. Focus!

It is always advisable not to panic after seeing the tougher problems, rather solve the easier ones first to ensure obtaining full marks for the same. A quick recapitulation of the written answers ensures its accuracy.

 8- A little anxiety

A little anxiety is always a good thing. Without being anxious, one may not be able to manage his/her own level of success. Stress brings motivation to perform better every day. So, keeping that in mind, a little stress does inspire you to be better off in examinations.

9- Failure=Success

It is always wise to accept failure sportingly because it has always proven to be the stepping stone towards success. Getting an undesirable grade doesn’t mean you are done with your life, and nothing is left in this world. There’s always a second time to rise and shine. Always have the capability to learn from your mistakes in the past, work for it in the present to create a better future.

10- Gift yourself

It is always amazing to get rewarded for the incredible work you have done, and it is you, who understands it way more than others. Hence, reward yourself whenever possible, take necessary breaks while studying, have good food, chat with your friends and just close your eyes for some time to unwind and relax. It helps!

These are some great ways to overcome exam phobia.

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