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You are currently viewing 4 Scenarios for the new normal of education in 2021
4 Scenarios for the new normal of education in 2021

4 Scenarios for the new normal of education in 2021

Educational Institutions have always been dependent on Traditional ways to educate children which is by providing classroom-based learning as teachers can pay attention to each student and can modify the teaching method according to students and students also get the benefit of traditional learning as it improves their social skill by meeting new people and making friends. 

In 2019 everything was normal in the world however in 2020 news broke out that a deadly virus by the name Coronavirus is spreading across the world forcing many countries to lock down completely in a state of panic. Government asked the public to stay home for an indefinite period as the businesses, schools, colleges, parks, malls were completely shut down and public gatherings were prohibited which resulted in the loss of wealth and health. Students Education got disrupted by the pandemic resulting in the loss of education. 

The biggest challenge for every country is to how to start education in a state of the pandemic as most schools depend on the traditional way of teaching as it was not possible to start offline class and the only way to continue education was to use technology and shift the classroom offline to online. Educational institutions didn’t back down from the challenge and various schools like a girls boarding school in Dehradun successfully took the classes online and help children and teachers to use technology to continue the education from the comfort of their home.

Now it’s been a year since the Coronavirus virus outbreak and the situation is much better than it was in 2020 as now vaccines are available and people are getting vaccinated and things are getting back to normal. Schools and other educational institutions are opening up and  post-pandemic  education will little different from what it was used to be in 2019 due to technology integration so here are 4 scenarios that can be the new normal in education in 2021 : 

4 Scenarios for the new normal of education in 2021

  • Hybrid Classroom –   It’s been a year since educational institutions are using an online tool and advanced technology for providing education and students and teacher are now used to it as it is more engaging and convenient but no matter how good online classes are but they currently can not top the traditional way of teaching which certainly is classroom-based teaching. In order to get the best of both worlds, educational institutions will bring the online experience to the offline classes making it super engaging and students will be able to learn and understand the material better as today’s generation is tech-savvy so including technology in the classroom certainly enhances the learning experience of Students.
  • Development of Teachers –   We saw all over the world how teacher stepped up to the challenge and teacher who are tech-illiterate update themselves and start using technology to Teach children as Pandemic really forced a teacher to update their skills and methodology of teachings, Teachers shows us that learning should never be stopped and it should be ready to update with times. In 2021 this trend will continue and teachers will constantly update themselves, their curriculum, and teaching methodologies to provide the best education to the students.
  • Engagement of Parents in children education – When the pandemic hits the world and schools got shut down and announced the education will now commence online it was not only students and teacher updated themselves for the challenge, the parents stepped up too as young children of primary and middle schools were unable to pay attention or manage online education without the help of their parents who sits with the child at the time of their online classes, helping them in completing their homework, projects and was fully involved in children’s online educational journey. Parents’ involvement will continue even after 2021 and this will only help the progress of students as their progress will be monitored by both teachers as well as parents.
  • Remote Learning – One thing Covid pandemic teaches Educational Institutions is that they are capable of providing distance education as earlier educational institutions never took advantage of remote learning and constantly focused on classroom learning but after the coronavirus pandemic, Educational Institutions started depending on online education and it’s been a year since they have successfully provided the education online. After Covid Educational Institutions will again go back to classroom-based learning However they will continue to provide distance education for the students no matter how they live with help of online technology.  This will not only help Educational Institutions but the students as they can study in any institutions of their choice no matter where they live. 


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