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6 Myths That Undermine Educational Effectiveness

6 Myths That Undermine Educational Effectiveness

Education is a foundation step of success and everyone knows the importance of education by now as it plays a vital role in changing and improving the lives of people by providing valuable knowledge and that’s the reason why Educational Institutions have become such an important part of the system globally.  Educational Institutions have evolved with time but as they say, some things never change and this is exactly what happened to our educational system as the old perception of schools is still stuck in people’s heads which gave birth to lots of myths that totally undermines the effectiveness of Educational institutions in today’s world. There are numerous myths circling the educational system.


6 Myths that really undermine the educational effectiveness:

  • Class Size Doesn’t matter –  This is the biggest myth that is in the world that class size just doesn’t matter but it is the number one reason why students are not able to pay attention in class is that every school has almost  3-4 section of one class some schools even have more but the point is every single class has almost 50-60 students and there just one teacher so it is quite impossible for a single teacher to pay attention to each and every student. This is the reason why private tuition is a reality and if students are getting personal attention in schools they wouldn’t have needed private coaching in the first place. This myth weakens our educational effectiveness as class size does matter and schools and colleges should focus on reducing the size of class so that everyone can get personal attention which will benefit them.
  • Teachers have more influence on children education: Another myth many people believe including parents that when it’s comes to education is that teachers have more influence on children education which is somehow incorrect though children spend 6 hours a day in schools it is difficult for teachers to pay attention to each and every student so children can easily lose focus, on the contrary, they get influenced more from their peers, their neighborhood or even the atmosphere of their house as children observe and learn from society more so teachers have very limited control on children performance as performance can be affected by any other factors.
  • Grades correlate with students Intelligence  – There is a firm belief which our education system has that good grades make you intelligent. Not only schools believe it but even parents believe it and every student has definitely heard this in their education journey when their parents compare their kids with others and judge them on the basis of their grades. It’s a myth that needs to be addressed as there is no correlation between grades and intelligence as a student can get good marks using rote learning but he will not gain knowledge by that marks are just to assess the performance but it alone can’t be the only way to judge intelligence. 
  • College Admission based on Marks and Grades – At the times of Admission college focused on marks and grades and have cut off students on the basis of marks like if you want to study in top colleague you need above 90% marks and students just unable to get admission in a good college and this myth is somehow disastrous for the effectiveness of educational institutions as there are extracurricular activities, practical test so the college can use all-round factors while giving admission to the students.
  • Home-work enhance Achievement – This myth is a  quite common one which undermines educational effectiveness as a teacher give homework to students though it can help in a short term as while doing a homework teacher prepare test on the basis of that homework so a student can perform well on the test and get a high score and it will look like student performance is going up but that’s it other than that students does not learn anything from homework as it creates stress for students when they are overloaded with homework which results in loss of sleep, less family time, no playtimes. Homework should be less and engaging so that students can do homework quickly and happily.

Successful Program works in all places – It’s a common belief that a successful plan in one institution or another country will work anywhere perfectly This is the myth that led to many schools and colleges implement programs from other institutions and sometimes it works and other time it failed miserably as they don’t realize every country is different and to make any programs successful lots of factors should come together for it able to make the programs successful which can’t be possible that it will work differently in every place so these myths led to undermining the educational effectiveness.

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