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  • Post published:Mar 8, 2021
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Education: A Tool for Empowerment of Women

Education simply means a process of learning and obtaining skills, knowledge, morals, beliefs etc. Education is important for the development of mankind as it helps mankind to evolve with time. Nowadays everyone knows the value of education as to how it can help people to create opportunities, become Independent and live a happy prosperous life that’s why most parents’ first priority is to give their kids a good education so they can become successful in life.

Education has been the biggest tool for girl empowerment as before,  there was a big distinction between boys and girls. People used to believe that girls don’t require education as their main goals in life is to become a housewife and take care of the family rather than working. There are hardly any areas where women have not proved themselves and that’s why to make women more empowered there are many schools like girls boarding school in India that’s built with an aim to empower young women by providing them with the best education so that they can become the next thought leaders of the world. 

At that time only boys used to get the opportunity to receive education After some time passes things dramatically changed after Government started providing free education or low fees education for girls and the families didn’t get financially burdened so they allowed girls to get an education in schools but still, they are restricted to only school education as still it was believed that Spending on Girls education is waste of money instead of spending Money on Girls education one should save their money and use that money to pay dowry so that girl can get a richer life partner. 

This type of mentality has been the biggest hurdle in Girl empowerment as they are not included in any decision-making process. After so many years of struggle, Girls are now in the 20th century getting some freedom and the Government, Activist also spreading the importance of education for girls as there is a direct link between education and the empowerment of women they understand that to empower the women they need a good education. There is a popular saying that shows the importance of girl education and it goes like this “ If you educate a Boy you just educate an individual However if you educate a girl you educate a family, society and ultimately the whole nation. “

Factors that are Responsible for low female literacy rate 

  • The disparity between the male child and female child  
  • Social separation and financial abuse. 
  • Low enrolment of a female child in schools. 
  • Low degree of consistency and high dropout rate.

Why Is There a Need for Women Empowerment? 

Women’s rights have  been breached all over the world  no matter where they live as a woman in every country are fighting their own battles as in some countries women don’t have a right to vote whereas in some countries women are fighting for gender equality, the world has been a male dominant and woman have always been suppressed  from ancient times to modern world the battle for equality continues for woman’s and that’s why Girls empowerment is a need of an hour and education is a tool which will help create an environment such as :

  • Where Girls can live their life freely with respect and dignity 
  • Have the right to make decisions 
  • Can participate in religious, social, political activities 
  • Gets opportunities forget an education 
  • Have a comfortable and safe working environment 
  • Have complete control of life inside and outside of home and workplace.

How Education Can Help in Achieving Women Empowerment?

Education is a powerful tool it has the power to transform lives and here are the effects of education that will empower women :

  • If women receive the education they will become more confident about themselves and it will also enhance their self-esteem.
  • They will develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills which will enhance their ability to think critically.
  • Education will help them in providing various information, knowledge and also information about their rights so no one can exploit their rights.
  • It also helps them develop decision-making skills with a clear thought process.

Education has empowered the women and due to education women all over the world are starting to become more  active in all areas like political , administrative, judiciary etc.  Women have taken up big responsibilities and delivered great results.

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