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A famous quote says, “if you educate a man, you educate a person, but if you educate a woman, you educate a family.” 

If you look around, you can estimate how well and deep this thought is. The significant contribution to the growth and development of the child, whether it is male or female, depends on the morals and values taught by a mother during the upbringing of the child. The bond of a child and mother is special no matter how loving and caring the father is; there are always a few things that you can discuss just with your mother. A woman, when she becomes a mother, naturally, becomes more caring, protective, and loving. You might leave your mother’s hand while growing, but the values and morals taught to you by her will never leave your hand; they are your true identity as a person and as a human being.

In a country like India, where women’s education is not considered necessary as men’s education, she still manages to work inside out day and night to earn a living to feed her children and her family. Even if the woman is not educated, she can be literate enough because of the solid rightful moral background given to her by her mother and that she will be delivered to her children. Lawful education is the fundamental right of every child, male as well as female. Still, due to several ongoing gender stereotypes within the country, the government has opened several free-of-cost schools specifically for girls. Educating girls is like empowering a girl, giving her wings to fly free.


Importance Of Women Empowerment

If you educate a girl well, she won’t be any sort of burden, which she never is but mostly considered. She will acknowledge her rights and laws, fight for her against the rules and the society, and will inspire others to be empowered. It is seen in history that women have never been a part of the privileged section of society, and even today, the same practices continue to be part of society. But it is true that with education, women are installing their proper space and value into society. Today we have multiple examples of empowered women such as Sania Mirza, Saina Nehwal, Kiran Bedi, Kalpana Chawala, Priyanka Chopra, Pratibha Patil, Indira Gandhi, Gunjan Saxena, Geeta Phogat, etc. They’re all incredible women who have played significant roles in making women versatile. The women have always proved themselves responsible and laborious despite all the societal barriers and hardships.

In India, women are worshiped as the ultimate source of energy responsible for operating this world. In a country like India and in countries like America, China, Britain, Russia, etc., known as the most incredible superpowers of the world, women were not treated right. The women from around the world revolted and, with firm dedication and determination, brought revolutionary changes into this world. Even today, multiple self-help groups, non-profitable organizations, women helplines, women’s health care centers, and girls’ schools actively work to make this a world of equity and equality and ending gender-based and other forms of inequality.


Why is educating girls necessary?

There are many malpractices and abuses that a woman faces in the name of religious practice or ritual. The practice of sati, domestic violence, girl-child marriage, female foeticide, discrimination towards female widows, etc., are significant examples of gender discrimination. Still, there are more hindrances to freedom, no decision-making power, purdah system, etc. These are not part of rituals or any sound moral system. Instead, there are the handcuffs that restrict and harass women from their fundamental rights. When a woman is educated, she can make a stand, fight, bring change and be a change for the conservative society. Education spreads the message of equality and wings of power to react, to raise a voice. Every little dream born in a young girl’s innocent eyes can be achieved with proper primary school education. Learning letters and alphabets make women independent and protect them from fraud and cheating.

Today the world is getting more online, and technology is growing rapidly every day. Education is their way to grow with technology and even help technology to grow. There are various jobs and courses focused on empowering women, and even the loan is provided to women to initiate their self-help group or handicraft business or any other source of earning with their skills. The women are more skillful than the men but are weak due to a lack of knowledge and opportunities. If a woman gets the right education, she is even capable of generating opportunities and not waiting for the opportunity to knock on their doors. Financial stability brings home power and respect for the individual, along with it, one becomes independent. This is the reason why we need to educate girls, to empower girls.

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