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How Can Girls Boarding Schools Help In Women Empowerment?

Girls Boarding Schools

Boarding school is a type of school where students have to live in the school campus after completion of scheduled classes, unlike day school where students can go back to their respective homes after school gets over. There are different types of boarding schools, and some schools provide the facility of both day cum boarding, some are strictly boarding. Among the boarding schools, we also have an option of getting admission into single-gender boarding schools, i.e. schools which only give admission to girls or boys.

The boarding school provides all the facilities required by the students in the campus itself, from the gym, swimming pools to extracurricular facilities, everything is provided by the school authorities in the campus itself.


Women Empowerment

Women empowerment has been a long-debated topic for a very long time. Empowerment means to be able to take any decision in our lives without any restriction due to family, education and society. Women in our society are restricted a lot in their decision-making process, and they have to take other permission to do something in their own life. Allowing women to be able to make their own decisions or to give them the same status as men is some significant issues in our society. 

Slowly we have come a long way in empowering women, earlier where women were not even allowed to go to schools, now parents are educating their girls and giving them the liberty to make a career as per their choice. Still, there is a significant chunk of society which does not support girls in making a career and gets her married as soon as she legally attains the age to get married. They still have the mindset that the only goal in a girls life should be to get married, take care of the household and raise children.

This thinking needs to be changed, and every woman should have the right to build an identity of her own in society. And still, we have a long way to go, but sooner we will reach that stage where everyone in the society would be empowered to make their own decisions. 


Impact Of Girls Boarding School In Women Empowerment

One of the ways to empower women and to encourage women empowerment in our society is through educating the people, and most importantly, women. A woman can take her own decision in a more informed way if she is aware of all the things around her if she is educated enough about her rights.

Education is a tool which can upgrade the society as a whole. If India wishes to become a superpower country, then it has to provide an equal social status and proper education to each woman.

Girls boarding school plays a preeminent role in empowering women folk. They build their self-confidence, make them more aware of society and give them a platform where they can bloom. Some of the significant qualities which a boarding school can build in girls are

  • Self-Confidence

Boarding school build self-confidence in girls; they prepare them to be able to take their own decisions in life through imparting knowledge to them. To be able to make a living in society and create an identity of her own.

  • Family Welfare

Educated women can help her family in a better way, she can provide knowledge, financial support and healthcare to the family, and it is very rightly said that an educated woman educates the whole family.

  • Involvement in Social and Political Activities

Through the various discussion groups held in the boarding schools, girls become much aware of the social and political activities around the world, and this makes her a more responsible citizen of the country.

  • Necessity of Life

Through education, women can understand the necessity of life in a much better way, help their family in financial matters and much more.

  • Living a complete life

Education helps women to live their life on their terms, to be vital to take their own decisions and stick to it, to become a responsible parent, to earn a living for their family.

Education helps a girl to live their life to the fullest and without any restrictions from the society. A girl who is more is well educated and well informed can make better decisions for herself and her family.


Top Girls Boarding School In India

Some of the top girls boarding school in India are as follows-

  • Ecole Globale International Girls School, Dehradun
  • Mayo College Girls School, Ajmer, Rajasthan
  • Hopetown Girls School, Dehradun
  • Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya, Dehradun
  • Mussoorie International School, Mussoorie
  • Auckland House School, Shimla
  • Heritage Girls School, Udaipur
  • Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls Public School, Jaipur
  • Ashok Hall Girls Residential School, Ranikhet
  • All Saints College, Nainital

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