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Education is the right of every individual who is born in the land of Mother India. It is mentioned in our constitution as a fundamental right that you cannot keep away any individual away from education. There is no age, no time, and no particular space for learning and accepting education. 

Education For The Differently Abled

The children who are especially abled or are born special aren’t considered as a good choice in a normal school. Life is indeed tough for them and exploiting them or interiorizing them makes it more wrinkled for them. Even if the school initiates such admissions, the guardians and the parents of the other children poke and complain about the same, which is not fair. They consider it a bad influence but being with them your children learn more responsibilities and humbleness. 

Somewhere in the year 1975, there raised a spark for our stars. In the United States, the education for all special children was set mandatory, which was also mentioned in their public law and grow there it traveled to different countries and continents. This was a more commercialized announcement, but the light of right was enlightened during the 18th century in France. Jean Jacques Rousseau published his Emile, a book about the education of children, which rose stimuli towards the education of all children. Then the time came in 1760 when Charles Michel L’Epeé set the foundation of the first school for special children. It was the first public school for people with disabilities in France. Therefore he is also known as the father of special education.

How Education Differs For Students With Special Needs

Education is a lot different for them. Their classrooms, books, pen, atmosphere, teachers, etc., everything is different from what we generally use. The education model is highly structured and more theory-based. They are moreover taught to be self-reliant, confident, and not an introvert. All kinds of activities are conducted for them where they participate, learn, grow and cherish their individuality proudly. Being around similar people makes you feel less anxious, and there rise no inferiority complexes, which is the main reason that causes hindrance in the personal growth. It aims to target a complete variety of children with learning disabilities, communication disabilities, emotional or behavioral instability, physical disability, and development disabilities.

There are special techniques and teaching methods that help children to learn better and understand. Their schedule includes theory and models, education as the world and the society, therapy, societal implications, personal assistance, socio-economic assistance, community exposure, sports, and even culture. Their education is nothing less; instead, it is more diversified and distinguished. This not only helps them to read and write but also makes them capable enough to become independent and take a positive stand in society. Education for them is the wings of fire that will let them see the sky and create a place amongst the stars. 

How Does It Help?

It is true to say that intelligence can find its way with or without education, but the path becomes a bed of roses with education because you learn and understand how, when, and where to equip it. Therefore the students get personally monitored by professional staff members and skilled teachers. They also make sure that the disorder is well controlled and the children do not face more complexities in the future. The children here also learn about their disabilities and disorders timely; this helps them understand things better even before when they experience them. What this knowledge does is make an individual conscious enough to treat or manage or control the body all alone. They learn to embrace their tears and pains. They get more organized.

This education gives them the speed that they thought they lack in life because normal children around them make them believe that they are behind. But everyone forgets that the chimes of the clock remain the same for everyone. Every individual should know and understand that you might be less at some point from the other, but the next hour can be yours. Therefore, observe from the present, learn from your past and prepare yourself for the future, holding your present and your past firmly. This way, you will never lose the zest for your life and be as high as everyone around.


Everyone is a part of this society, abled or disabled. Society needs every element, every factor, and every constituent part of the society to complete the society. Being an adult, it is your responsibility to teach compassion and honestly to your younger generations as an ultimate rule for a healthy lifestyle. Just because you are better than someone around you doesn’t mean that you have the supreme power of ownership. It is possible if you are good at something, that other person might be good at another thing. If together you learn then together you will grow and this is how the society works. 

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