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Helping Students With Learning Disabilities To Succeed

Every human being is born with a unique set of skills and interests. Everyone has different potential. Stereotypes in society are already harsh for several kids to endure. Additionally, the curriculum designed in the present age might not comply with every student’s capabilities.

Students with disabilities have a hard time adjusting to the traditional classroom environment and practices. Sometimes, children also develop an inferiority complex based on their limitations. Teachers and parents need to recognize this issue and address it appropriately.


Disability is not a person’s fault. Not everyone is fortunate to have an entirely healthy body and mind. Students especially are not able to understand this. The situation becomes even harder when they are insulted and shamed by their peers because of their disabilities. They are more susceptible to get bullied and face discrimination based on their performance. Teachers need to prioritize addressing this situation and provide the proper support and individual attention to such kids.


Let us consider an example of a girl who is suffering from partial hearing loss. She joined a new school and chose to keep her disability hidden from other students because of her previous school experience, where she was ridiculed to be a deaf person. One day, the girl was being called out, but because of her disability, she did not respond. The teacher assumed that the child is misbehaving and proceeded to insult her in front of the whole classroom. Even the students started to trouble her and tease her on several occasions. Having to suffer so much insults and bullying, the girl developed social and depression. Here it is evident that the negligence on the part of the parents and the school authorities made the girl suffer so much. Hence, teachers and educators need to keep in mind that reasons for a student’s possible behavior may have some background to it. Handling the situation with maturity could have saved the girl. Even the parents could have intervened in the case and alerted the school authorities beforehand regarding their daughter’s disability. 

Teachers usually tend to follow the traditional pattern and apprehend the students to adjust to it. Teachers should be more broad-minded and consider the uniqueness of every student.

Here are a few ways through which the school educators help the students with disabilities to cope up in the conventional classroom environment and foster inclusive- learning. 


Participate In Early Screening

Early recognition and screening of the capabilities of a student can subsequently help in making the learning process for the child easier and better. Once the issues are identified, teachers and school authorities can work on the various measures to make the child’s life better. Establishing and designing a curriculum that fosters inclusivity can be very beneficial for the students suffering from disabilities. 

Individualised Education Plans

For a student with a particular disability, a specially devised plan can be beneficial. Individualised Education Plans (IEP) can help to recognize a student’s individual needs and work on the areas they need support. This also motivated the child as their performance becomes better. They can keep up with their peers in the classroom and ensure their way to success.

Increase Accessibility

A student, when provided all the necessary aids, shows a better performance in the classroom. A student should be granted the liberty to access the resources that will help them in their learning process. Disabled students should be offered visual aids, wheelchairs, and other things. 

Educate Academics And Employees

Teachers and administrators should have the proper and necessary knowledge of these situations. They should be efficient in handling such problems. Disabilities are of numerous kinds. A teacher should be able to recognize such cases and also make correct decisions in favor of the students.  


Utilize Technological Resources

Technology can prove to be the most significant aid in this process. Advancement in technology has provided various assistance to make the education and learning process more accessible to the students. One can use voice-to-text technology, visual presenters, recorders, etc. Special equipment is also available to help students with disabilities.  



Education is a fundamental human right, and nobody should be exempted from this right based on disability. Being disabled is not a person’s fault, and we should not make them feel like it. Inclusivity in the learning process is vital for the progress of society and to make this world a better place. 


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