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Importance Of Providing Quality Education

Providing quality education has always been one of the most challenging things this country has to face every day. Since the gurus and the Vedas, where once classes happened under a huge tree, as whimsical and impossible does it sound today, it was a real thing, and in a way, those practices are still in touch. Sure, teaching has become more modernized with smart classes and online instruction, which again was revolutionized by the ongoing pandemic. Online teaching has provided a lot of opportunities for students to gain an education but how much of it is of quality is a doubt. The numbers weigh heavier on the quantity than the quality. 

Recognizing The Issue

Providing quality education is challenging but not impossible. It might seem that rural education is the only alarming issue, but urban education is very brummagem.

Quality education means an education that secures the life of an individual towards betterment and better prospects. It should make an individual adept in ensuring a comfortable lifestyle. Stereotyping certain professions and glorifying a few should not be considered education. A person should pursue his/her preferred field without being judged and without having to struggle due to a lack of knowledge and resources. Also, education should not be contained to just textual knowledge but should also include a healthy perception of society and etiquette development. Moral values, respect, self-responsibility, and civic duty should be a must in education. There are many boarding schools in Dehradun that provide quality education to the students with modernized smart classes and online instructions.

But how can we achieve this quality education parameter? We need to start from the very basic- The teachers.

It could all start by just focused and skill-based teaching. This means education provided by experts of a particular field to students and then selective education provided in the subject or topic that the student excels at, with regular classes, and letting the students have the freedom to choose their career path and education design.

How To Overcome This Problem

For the conditions mentioned earlier to work out, teachers with the best knowledge and expert teaching style are needed. This can only be done with strict interviewing and, more importantly, increasing the respect towards teachers in our society, and only then what is desired will be delivered at the end of the day. Increasing the pay scale of a teacher will help promote and gain a lot of better teachers as many will then appreciate the importance of a teacher. 

Obtaining education has become more expensive over the years. So, providing a subsidized education for high schools and colleges will encourage more and more students to be inspired and be able to gain an education. Very often, the country has complained about the reservation system and questioned its need for existence. While it does seem significant, the people who need it aren’t the ones benefiting from it. 

So, it’s probably time we relook its necessity and the ways by which the reservations are being implemented in this country. The above-discussed issues are the very few challenges but are the most important and need to be considered. If provided to every citizen, quality education will drastically help improve the country’s economic growth and eradicate unemployment. India today has many students who have graduated successfully and have a bachelor’s degree but are still left unemployed.

The main reason for the lack of quality education is the lack of job opportunities in every field, and this is the primary concern. Since not everybody is aware of the options provided in various areas. Not many are aware of how valuable every field of work is and that the economy can easily and drastically crash if any of the jobs were eradicated. Explaining why the job opportunities are decreasing. Since the quality of education is not matched well, companies don’t hire candidates, which leaves many deserving candidates unemployed. This, in turn, affects them financially, physically, and also mentally. The United Nations established the Sustainable Development goals in 2015 to achieve the goals by 2030. Moving forward with the mission statement of “A blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all by 203”.


A nation is bound to prosper if all its citizens are well educated. Suppose the country focuses on the Sustainable Development Goals provided by the United Nations. In that case, it gets easier already as providing quality education is one of the main goals placed at number 4 of the long list. The ongoing pandemic has made the already challenging set of goals harder to achieve. Hence, a continuous check and effort towards achieving all of these goals are very important. Education is important, but if it is not of quality, it is a threat as it does not solve the ongoing problems. Rather it only initiates and brings in more. 


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