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With the increasing age of technology and more internet-prone educational facilities, the essence of value education is also an important part of a child’s education and growth. A person is known by their deeds and character; the deeds or the work decides his or her future, their career growth, while values and character determine their relationship with other human beings. It has the power to connect a person from the west forming a well public and friendly relation with a person from the east. That’s the power and vitality of ethics and values in our life. But from where do we get these values, is it inherited through our parent’s genes? Can it be developed through practice? Let’s figure it out!!


What is value education?

 Since the 21st century belongs to technology, the educational field is also turned towards automation. With the advancement in learning and new ways of teaching methodology, knowledge transfer has been more of ease and optimistic. But with all such advancements, the importance of value education and moral science should not be kept aside.

Without value education, it’s like you have the ship with all the equipment ready to sail, but you don’t have an aim for where to sail. Value education simply means learning about self and the wisdom of life. It defines the moral ethics and behavioral act that every person should follow to simplify life and his or her purpose of living this life.


What are its advantages?

  • It helps in attaining life goals and developing the characters required to be successful.
  • It shapes your personality, makes you humble and optimistic towards life and its struggles.
  • Shapes you towards the right and positive attitude in every situation and strengthens you for the upcoming challenges and competition. 
  • It helps students get to know the purpose of their life and helps in choosing the right path to achieve excellence.
  • It makes students more responsible and sensible towards others. They are able to understand others’ situations and become more sensitive towards them by performing their responsibility as human beings.
  • Strengthen you for the upcoming challenges and competition 
  • It builds character that will assess students towards success and spiritual growth. 


Should every school make it an integral part of the curriculum?

In today’s scenario, with the huge crisis and shortage of moral values and ethics, value education becomes an immortal weapon to centralize all thoughts towards a single direction of development in the correct sense through values and moral ethics. It is rightly said that education has the power to change the world, and we value education as a part of that process to change the world through knowledge and the right path. Getting value education at an earlier stage of life helps students to understand the perspective of their life and encourages them to become responsible citizens. It is crystal clear that value education is a crucial ingredient of a child’s holistic development and overall growth as a responsible citizen for society. A well-balanced individual with strong characteristics and moral values is an important asset for the nation as well as the society. All these reasons make it clear why value education should be adopted in every school’s curriculum. The addition of such educational viewpoints makes a child unique in its own way. It broadens the vision and makes you more sensible and responsible towards your society, parents, friends, acquaintances, your loved ones, and also towards your national duty as a responsible citizen.  

Types of value education

  1. Human Value
  2. Social value
  3. Cultural and regional value
  4. Spiritual value
  5. Ethical value
  6. Global value


The goal of value education

To improve the integral growth of human beings as an individual identity.

To create attitude and improvements towards a sustainable lifestyle.

To increase awareness about our cultural history, our traditions, cultural heritage, rights, national integration, community development, and environment.


Educational goals

Students should develop character values that are universal and that shape them towards the need to be a good human being. It channels students towards their path to success. What are the characteristic ingredients that a successful person must possess? The right frame of success with humanity is a rare combination that is the need of the hour.

Values required at the workplace: people should find a reason to perform work. Work values help students find their true potential and find the right work that gives inner satisfaction, which is more important than materialistic goals.


Personal values that help them achieve their goals help you to find the real purpose of your life, what makes you content and flabergasted in whatever you do. These are the guiding principles of your life. It indicates your family life, health, appearance, etc. 


All such values increase the demands of value education for the current and upcoming generation. As Abraham Lincoln said, “If I only had an hour to chop down a tree, I would spend the first 45 minutes sharpening the ax”. Here value education is sharpening the ax to achieve our goals in life.

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