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Making The Best Out Of Work From Home Life

Due to the current scenario of the covid-19 pandemic, the work culture saw a new phase of working from home. There are numerous things that you can learn while working from home. Work from home was an illusional concept that had a mirage of benefits and a balanced lifestyle, especially for corporate as they have a hectic schedule with huge daily hassles and pressure to meet targets before time. But when this concept was implemented, not to try but forcefully as it was the only necessity to save employees jobs and run the company and organization. A coin has two faces that predict both positive and negative aspects. To start with the positive outcomes of the Work from home environment that includes-


Advantages of Work from home:

  • Quality family time: the most prominent issue faced by numerous white-collar professionals was the difficulty in maintaining the balance between personal and professional life. Which got sorted due to Work from home culture?
  • Cost-efficient: small businesses and start-ups are adversely benefitted due to the cost efficiency of Work from home as it deducts the requirements of an office building, furniture, regular meals, electricity, and other non-controllable expenses. 
  • More flexibility: most of the employees got more flexibility of Work as they can work according to their will, as there are no specific timings of long hours, though short office meets are conducted, that won’t affect the efficiency of Work.
  • Time-saving: Travelling time and cost-saving due to minimum or no use of vehicles, lunch, and evening meals at home will surely save you from expensive packaged meals. All your small-time costing activities, from dressing up to reaching the office, being stuck in traffic crowds, and other disturbances, will add up to huge time savings that can be utilized in productive activities.
  • Help from a family with the comfort of home: home comforts such as timely meals, no dress code, and a comfortable environment also add up to the efficiency of Work.
  • Less stress and tension: employees can take breaks according to their will, take power naps at noon, enjoy lunch, and the stress of being back to Work can be controlled with proper recalls. Work is completed, and people have more time to relax and enjoy family time.
  • Environment friendly: due to less usage of personal vehicles, fewer operative systems, and office lighting will also reduce electricity usage that overall works as environment friendly. 


Disadvantages of Work from home:

  • If you are living alone, then it may become more hectic to handle your Work with house chores.
  • No routine and scheduled timetable: Difficulty in sticking to a routine may cost you missing some basic necessities of life such as sunrise, proper heavy breakfast, proper sleep, important calls, and meetings.
  • Isolation and loneliness may cost additional stress and depression. Lack of meeting with office colleagues and chilling and spending quality fun time might make you feel lonely. Boredom will cost you distractions through Netflix and binge-watching.
  • If living with family, there are many advantages, but it also costs unwanted distractions and disturbances from members, especially children, and young kids.
  • Such comforts also lead to laziness and procrastination, as with comfort comes a more relaxed state of mind which resists disturbance and hard Work. Your work productivity may slow down, and lack of office energy surely arose from the need for regular external motivation.
  • Wifi and another technical glitch may cause the whole day as you don’t have staff to operate your system or give access to other working systems. It will surely cost a lot of time and effort.

Conclusion: How can we find the best utilization of wfh lifestyle

With slightly more advantages of WFH, it’s better to utilize our precious time and use this opportunity in disguise to stay healthy, fit and enjoy quality time with family and loved ones. The best advantage of working from home is that you can balance your personal and professional life, your time starting from daily morning routine to dress up in as white-collar professionals to traveling time, all this extra time which you got while working from home will become a handful in completing your targets, balance out time with family and kids, work on our hobbies and take good care of our health. The money balances out and is saved due to traveling cost deduction; extra outside meals during office hours will surely add up to your pocket. 


The best use of Work from home would be concluded when we deduct the disadvantages and transform them into at least minimal advantage. If we follow our routine with strict discipline and make ourselves to the peak of our health, then that will automatically solve most of our WFH problems. Small online businesses and other start-up ventures can be benefited the most during the crisis, and where Work from home is not an option but a necessity. So it’s best to seize the opportunity and balance out the high productivity with quality family time and self improvisation.


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