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Sharing Student Work Beyond the Classroom

Sharing Student Work Beyond the Classroom

A little exposure of students’ work, projects, or assignments to a wider audience can really do wonders for the student’s growth as they not only get spotlight and recognition but also they feel their work is being valued by the schools and community which can inspire them to achieve more in life. 

Teacher plays a huge role in the development of the students so if teachers start to appreciate students work and try best to share with a wider audience will change the mindset of children as now they are not working to get good marks but instead they are working hard as it provides greater learning opportunities which will make them ready for the future. 

Where can teachers share students’ work? 

There are various ways a teacher can promote and share students work it can be  both online and offline let’s see some of them: 

1 – School Exhibitions 

Normally what happens in a school exhibition is only teachers, students, and parents participating which doesn’t offer much exposure so in order to reach a wider audience schools should arrange an exhibition where the general public is invited to see the projects of students and can have one to one conversation with the students about their work. This will give better exposure to students’ work and they will feel motivated to keep doing better. 

2 – Reached out to the community

When students participate in arts and crafts and create a new original artwork teacher can showcase this artwork to be used in local business, libraries, cafe shop and etc, if students work on projects that will solve a problem, teachers can take that project and target the area where their project can be helpful this will make the community aware about students work and they start to respect it on the other hand students feel valued. 

3 – Blogging Students Writing 

Schools organize so many events in schools and one of them is a writing competition in which students are asked to write about a given topic and the winner will receive a prize but now teachers can use the top article, essay to showcase in a blog which could potentially reach people all over the world. For this teacher to set up a blog website and regularly post students’ work will make students aware of their talent which later on they can build a career around it. 

4 – Submitting Students work in contest and publication 

Nowadays there are hundreds of contest and awards, magazines available that praise child creativity, so the teacher can share the students work in these contest and students, can get rewarded for that like they can be offered scholarships, awards, news headlines and etc so by this teacher not only helps the study work to get wider exposure but also build students for the competitive world and students will work hard to use all his knowledge to win in these contests.

5 – Share work on Social Media 

Nobody can deny the power of social media due to its wider audience and all group of people uses social media so it’s a great place to share students works as the teacher can put top students works in their social media profile ask people to share it and it can reach to such a wider audience which is not possible with the offline medium. Students also use social media so a teacher sharing the work and seeing the positive responses and getting the spotlight will make students feel valued in the real world. 

6 – Virtual Museum 

Teachers can create a virtual museum for the students’ work and anyone can get access to it and see the creativity of students. This is easy to set up and has a wider reach and teachers can also regulate and update the virtual museums which make students work hard to put their work in the virtual museum.

Sharing students’ work beyond the classroom is the perfect opportunity for students where they make a presentation of their learning as students use their academic knowledge to create a project that is unique and teachers help to share that project with a wider audience will get student recognition and praise which encourage students to keep on working hard and achieve new Heights.


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