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App-Based Learning

Learning should have no medium barrier; it should be free from geographical, language, and mode of transferring knowledge barriers. That’s the true meaning of learning and gaining knowledge. The 21st century belongs to the more innovative generation where every work is done to have more comfort. The evolution of technology has made things more simplified and easier for people. And the invention of the internet was one of the revolutionary inventions of this era. With access to the internet, knowledge and information sharing is easy. We are just one click away to sort our problems, one click away to find answers to our questions, to gain knowledge, and this revolution has decentralized the barriers of medium, language, and geography for learning. Access to websites for learning was done earlier. Now currently, app-based learning has taken a boom in the education world and has taken a prominent space in the industry with its exponential growth rate.


What is app-based learning?

Firstly, an app abbreviated as Application is software that runs in your Smartphone just like a regular inbuilt Application. It can be downloaded from any part of the world .consider an apartment as a mobile or Smartphone, then in the apartment, there will be multiple flats which will act as software applications or apps, 

So the app has modernized that education and knowledge gaining through many factors which include-

  • Easy to handle, hassle-free learning
  • No time boundaries; whenever you want, with your ease and comfort, you can study through apps
  • Cost-effective as the same course or material may bear them twice or thrice the price of e-learning platforms.
  • Time-saving: Students have access to learning at their home, set up their own place, access the material from anywhere, and can utilize their spare time in productive learning.


Is it beneficial? Are these apps boon for the upcoming generation?

Since the rise and growth of the internet, the ease of accessing these educational learning apps has been a snap of our fingers. And anything that helps you grow with comfort is widely regarded as the next big thing. These apps providing online learning resources have access to unlimited complex topics with world-class experts in niche-based subjects, which is otherwise not affordable for many. 


We can easily witness the verdict of these educational apps during the crisis of Covid-19 when the whole world is shut down, and we are under the lockdown period. Education also suffered. But it couldn’t be stopped due to the availability of the E-learning option through educational apps. Most of the schools have provided resources for learning and study material through these apps. Students have access to live classes, doubts sessions, better understanding and grasping of complex concepts. Time and money are the two barriers of education that can be solved through app-based learning as it conveys all answers of these two aspects with quality services along with being cost-efficient.


Should it replace traditional schooling?

This app-based learning is primarily for mature students who are in high school grades or in universities. They know how to maximize the profit as their only need is knowledge gaining, but App-based learning can’t replace our offline schoolings. E-learning platforms are the backups or the in-case options for crisis or any other natural emergency, but these apps can’t replace learning in schools because they are restricted to just knowledge gaining and best teaching facilities. App-based learning won’t provide you with student-teacher connection, your friends, the fun you enjoy with friends in school, your practical and critical thinking abilities won’t develop, other factors of personality development which includes communication skills, interpretation skills, skill-based learning through activities may . a student’s holistic development will deploy, and the overall growth won’t take place which may affect the career future goals.  


What would be its future consequences?

The future of app-based learning is bright as its ease of access, and cost-effectiveness makes it one of the best secondary options or maybe the primary option for learners, especially for candidates preparing for competitive exams. This app-based learning is a perfect fit for competitive exams as it has easy availability to remote areas, with insightful resources and study material, expert teachers, which makes difficult and time-consuming concepts a cakewalk for students. But these online app-based learning can’t replace offline schooling, which, apart from providing education and knowledge, also imparts holistic growth of students. Schools have a responsibility for the all-around development and growth of every child, be it physical, mental, emotional, critical thinking, creative and analytical thinking, and other growth aspects that app-based learning won’t be able to deliver. But yes, these educational apps are surely a boon for self-learners who are self-motivated to learn new skills, prepare for exams, gain knowledge and support their education.

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