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Eight Advantages Of Application-Based Learning In Schools

The new age of technology has revolutionized every sector of our human lives. Today, our dependency on the latest inventions and futuristic technologies has made our lives much better and convenient. Technology has now become an indispensable part of human society, and the sustenance of life now cannot be imagined without the intervention of newer technologies. No individual on earth is excluded from its influence and is exposed to some form of technology.

The Education sector primarily has reaped the maximum benefits of the new age technology and the internet. The invention of several applications and software has enhanced the learning culture to a great extent and this concept is followed by schools in Dehradun. Now with the classes equipped with the latest tech aspects, students experience greater satisfaction in learning new concepts. They can contemplate the information provided in a much better and useful way, finding the experience to be more exciting and grasping.

The convivence of utilizing and carrying a portable mobile device containing an educational application provides numerous advantages in the educational scenario. Some of the significant benefits of using applications as a learning source are compiled as follows:-

  • Novel Learning Methodologies

The conventional methods of imparting bookish knowledge become monotonous and dull in the generic sense. Also, the theoretical knowledge provided in the books tends to be difficult for some students to comprehend. Applications are furnished with various pictures, videos, and animated aids so that the students can visualize the practicality of the concepts in a better way. This results in a better understanding of the data that is being furnished.

  • Better Parent-Teacher Rapport

Due to the tight schedule and busy lives of the working parents, they are not able to keep up frequent contact with the teachers of their wards. These applications help in establishing a better interaction between the parents and the teachers. Teachers can provide feedback regarding the performance of the children to their parents, along with the regular updates. The parents are also able to track their child’s activities through these apps.

  • Enhanced Communication

Applications have proved to be instrumental in enhancing the interactive tendencies of the students. The children participate actively in the online activities establishing a better interaction with the teachers, parents and the other students.

  • Unlimited Resources

Today a majority of applications are online-based, they possess the access to an endless source of information. The Internet is filled up with a ginormous amount of knowledge on every subject possible. Students can clear their doubts and curiosities through the use of internet and proxy sites such as Google, Bing, etc.. This is also a fantastic platform for those who may not have access to schools or colleges under certain circumstances.

  • Portability

One of the biggest concerns of the students worldwide is, carrying heavy books to school every day. Not only that, the space requirements for keeping these books are also more extensive. With the online applications, the entirety of your book’s content can be stored in your laptop, mobile or other portable devices. You can now access the contents of numerous publications in a single device. In addition to this, videos, tutorials, and lectures can also be stored in a single device.

  • Regular Updates

Applications always tend to keep their information and resources up to date with the latest events and changes. The students through such applications are always in par with the contemporary trends and developments that are taking place worldwide. The reach of these applications is on the international level as well.

  • Single Solution To Multiple Requirements

Applications eliminate the requirements of a pen, pencils, rulers, erasers, sharpeners, books, sheets, registers, etc.. A single device can suffice the needs of the students. An electric pen can be used for drawing or making diagrams.

  • Sustainability

Because of the rising concerns over global warming and climatic changes, more relevance and importance are being provided towards sustainable development and sustainability. The future is in our hands, and it is our responsibility to compromise in the present day to ensure a better tomorrow. Application-based learning is a beneficial concept that retains a sustainable aspect. It eliminates the usage of large amounts of paper, pencils, pen, etc.. In the present times, large numbers of trees are slashed down for making paper for books, magazines, newspaper, etc.. everyday. This is not a very sustainable way of living and hence should be greatly discouraged.

Applications can play a significant role in the elimination of paper usage in schools and colleges.


In a matter of few years, applications will conquer the teaching scenario. With the advancement of technologies, many traditional methods are getting obsolete, and new and better technology is taking its place.

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