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  • Post published:Jan 24, 2020
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New Dimensions of a 21st century school

Education is, in reality, a ground-breaking weapon for change, and to be used such that it engages students to exceed expectations in varying backgrounds. We, at the Ecole Globale International School for Girls, are pleased to remain among such regarded educational foundations in the nation, which have been serving to instill esteems and training that encourage girls to become independent. 

Since the time of our establishment in April 2012, we have been reliably receiving and presenting new inventive methodologies in our teaching method in order to empower the students to gain from a worldwide point of view. ECOLE GLOBALE is the Best girls boarding school in India as it gives a coordinated hands-on learning experience to students, and engage them with intelligence, boldness, and trustworthiness, other than scholastic greatness.

ECOLE GLOBALE unequivocally puts stock in the uniqueness of each girl and accentuates on developing their imagination and intelligence in regard to their singularity. To empower the students to investigate their maximum capacity, we have essentially upgraded our infrastructure into an increasingly lively, multifaceted learning stage that helps disclose the child’s abilities.

We are called the Best Girls School because to draw out the best in each and every student and to guarantee their all-encompassing advancement, we have fused different learning models and different highlights in our teaching method, a couple of which are:

Project-Based Learning (PBL): 

The idea is being viewed to empower the students to encounter another type of down to earth and applied learning. PBL is a magnificent way to help students to increase profound comprehension of the subjects through dynamic investigation of the learned ideas. We are the Best Girls School in the country to use PBL in our curriculum practically. It permits students to apply their hypothetical information to determine the ideal outcomes through real-time understanding. This student-focused instructional method bestows key information regarding the matter from a more extensive point of view, helping students obtain basic fundamental abilities during the time spent learning.

Best in class Laboratories: 

To add to our PBL based instructional method, we have upheld and supplemented our classrooms and well-prepared research labs. Students are set up to handle ideas completely and increase subject information through hands-on viable involvement within the research facilities. Aside from subject research facilities at ECOLE GLOBALE, we additionally have Life Skill labs, Robotics labs, Digital Communication lab, and 3D Printing labs.

Mechanical technology Lab: 

We have an all-around Robotics Lab at ECOLE GLOBALE. The research facility gives chances to students to create and channelize their gifts and abilities without bargaining their scholastic. The Robotics lab is available to students from the class third on wards and serves to make an energizing, exciting, animating condition to investigate classroom exercises and genuine applications.

Brilliant Classrooms: 

Brilliant classes are an innovation-driven learning framework that engages educators and students at the same time. While keen classes empower students to see even the most troublesome ideas with better lucidity, they permit instructors to convey well-investigated effectively and mapped content utilizing Animations, MCQs, Real-Life Applications, and Worksheets etc. We have a comprehensive archive of the sound video, 2D and 3D movements, and designs, covering all subjects to encourage better and snappier learning. This creative strategy for instructing prompts student’s creative mind and learning ability.

Well-prepared Library: 

The spacious library at ECOLE GLOBALE gives an invigorating reading condition to students. We have loaded our library with a rich assortment of reference materials, books by famous writers, different periodicals, and diaries to enhance classroom learning. We likewise watch a remarkable idea of DEAR Time (Drop Everything and Read) to essential classes to empower kids into reading at an early age.

Focal point Of Creation, Incubation, and Entrepreneurship (CCIE): 

Ecole Globale has made a stride ahead to set up India’s first of its own thoughtful Center of Creation, Incubation, and Entrepreneurship (CCIE). The vision of CCIE is to advance enterprise through development by encouraging students to concoct their very own vocation/business conceivable outcomes. CCIE gives a powerful stage for students to devise their very own thoughts and encourages them to become business visionaries in the times to come. The shortlisted best thoughts are supported by the CCIE group to become a reality through seeding a capital of 5 lakhs.


ECOLE GLOBALE offers a grant to fastidious students originating from monetarily more fragile segments of the general public. The grant benefits are stretched out past scholastic to performing students in extracurricular exercises like games, music, and dance, in different zonal, state, and national level competitions. In addition, so as to support the exhibition of the students, ECOLE GLOBALE has skimmed the Shiksha Fund, wherein the school contributes a level of grant benefit from the reserve for the sake of the student to discharge it when she graduates from ECOLE GLOBALE after twelfth standard.

We, the Ecole Globale International School for Girls, feel delighted to see that we have set new benchmarks in the realm of training through our imaginative learning models, highlights, and different courtesies that are supporting all-encompassing learning and improvement of the students. With profound responsibility and devotion, we will consistently stay concentrated on engaging the students to learn, develop, retain, and accomplish scholastic greatness, supplemented with experiential learning.

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